Site down this AM?

What was the problem this morning, 1/3/07? The first day of trading this year and the site was down.

Y2K + 7 ? lol


Ross, not something I find to be humerous, given the fact that I am paying to be on this site, and I have subscribers paying to receive trading signals from me, of which there were many this morning.

"C2 Unavailable (12029). Reconnecting…"

And, and, and…

Sometimes it worked, sometimes not…

MKT orders take minutes to get filled, positions show up with delay…

Nerve wrecking…

I am upset about the site being down today. I thought this was a professional website when i signed up as a subscriber.

Outages happen. We spend a lot of time, money, and effort to prevent them, but unexpected failures can happen in technology products, despite best efforts. Web sites crash (ask Ebay or Ameritrade), rockets go off course (ask NASA). We do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen, but life can be surprising.

I don’t mean to minimize the fact that we had an outage today – it’s upsetting, obviously – but we are investigating and hopefully will be able to prevent this. As of this moment, I have no firm answers about what caused the crash, and am looking into it. - Matthew

It will not be the last time. Everyone was affected, so all systems are on an even footing. You can either bang your head against the wall, or go with the flow.


I agree that it’s extremely hard to build something that works 100% of the time, but an equally important issue is how fast your response is to solve the problem. Your response on this forum to problems reported yesterday and today took about 2-3 hrs.

My suggestion would be, in case of serious issues such as outages, to make sure either you or someone on your staff confirms that the problem is under investigation immediately, i.e. within 5-10 minutes rather than 2-3 hours, on this forum or, in case the forum is down, in an e-mail message.

Otherwise we have no way to know if you’re on top of these issues or not once they occur, and in that case it shouldn’t be a surprise that people start to question the professionalism of the service.

Agreed. I usually try to make a point to do exactly that, but today failed to alert users about what was going on. I’ll do better next time. Good feedback. - MK


As suggestion. Maybe it’ll be good idea to add emergency email(the email might be redirected to sms/cell/blueberry/and so on by a customer) in C2’s configuration for system vendors and subscribers. C2’ll notify only about serious troubles by the email. At least from the point system vendor might try to handle the kind of situations.


P.S. The morning was really bad situation as for system vendors as well for subscribers.

I had the same idea. Actually it would be enough if a few experienced vendors can send an emergency signal to MK. This, to prevent new vendors to see their own inexperiencedness as ‘emergency’ :slight_smile:

Well, I think first of all Matthew should receive an emergency signal from his own server-monitoring application and there should be no need for either vendors or subscribers to bring an outage to his attention.

This emergency signal could be routed automatically as an e-mail/SMS message to the C2 community as well, as Eu suggests.

In fact, TradeBolt (may it’s soul rest in peace) did exactly this. Every time the program lost connection to the C2 server, it sent me an e-mail alert.

My understanding EU is…

If C2 goes down, you get an emergency email from C2 to your emergency email address. It’s not something a vendor has any sort of control, knowledge or access to.

I think it’s a great idea, although of course it needs to be replicated to vendors as well. I know it won’t be: “as of 11:43:13 all orders were missed”, but we (vendors) need a notification that “there’s a big problem today and you need to check all of your orders”.

Clients should be notified as already discussed.

I WILL say that if you were systematically generating signals, the C2Tray application gave me warning after warning all day today that I needed to check my C2 positions, and that something had gone wrong.

MK certainly had plans in this regard, and I have no idea what they were, but as he said … this issue needs (and apparently is getting?) a little attention.

Without forgiving the customer service failure of C2, honestly it was no big deal. Anyone who claims that an hour or so of lost order entry dramatically affects their program … well I would leave that to the reader.

PS: To those want-to-be scalpers – take note. These outages can and do happen at the exchange level as well. The real world trumps these scalping algorithms.

Julies Unfortunately, it’s not funny. I agree with Science Trader. MK supposes to have enough alerts for sending emergency signal. I had very bad situation in the morning.

I don’t monitor C2 after 10-20 minutes after opening myself. However Tango plays with number of limit orders that exceed available trading capital in 2-3 times. If I wasn’t notified by a subscriber and if the market made good move against the system and if subscribers ignored declared cancellation rule they could easy finish at margin call after end of today’s session. 5-17 positions liquidated by a broker in after-market it’s very good loss.

So I used my emergency notification of subscribers, but I’d like to avoid the kind of stress for everybody in future. Well, generally I’d like to avoid the kind of stress for myself :wink:


If C2 goes down, you get an emergency email from C2 to your emergency email address.

Correct. The emergency email will notify about global C2’s problem. And of course it should be treated by system vendor as “expected” situation. But first you have to know that the situation occurs.


My apologies, it seems that I didn’t understand Eu.

“either you or someone on your staff” ???

AFAIK C2=MK, since MK has previously mentioned that he is barely breaking even I would be surprised if he can afford to have staff; I’m sure MK will correct me if I’m wrong.

If MK got hit by the proverbial bus what would happen to C2? Is there anyone else in a position to run it if MK were suddenly unavailable?

Hopefully we never have to find out.

ohh… Julies The Wednesday was very stressful for me even without C2’s problem. So when I responded to the thread my sense of humor was equal 0 and I had left only f-words from my limited English vocabulary :wink:


would be surprised if he can afford to have staff;

Egoistically speaking. I don’t care how the C2’s support is organized until I have it. I can admit that C2’s support has very high quality from my point of view. All problems that I crossed in C2 were resolved from 3 minutes(!) to 4 hours time. I don’t need empty “blah-blah-blah” responses that don’t resolve a problem and just simulate an activity.

If MK got hit by the proverbial bus what would happen to C2? Is there anyone else in a position to run it if MK were suddenly unavailable?

Well… I have a plan to resolve a situation with the system subscribers if C2 will go out of business by whatever reason :wink:

Hopefully we never have to find out.

I hope so.