Hot Hands

I made 35K in 5 days, why not include it in the hot hand list?


Quite a few of Matthew’s list have either a minimum amount of trades, or a minimum system age to end up on the list.

I bet your system is too new to qualify.

Matthew, can you explain?

The Hot Hand list does have a minimum number of trades (5) and a minimum required Sharpe (.3).

In that case, I look forward to seeing ‘FT100 Holy Grail’ list there!

In that case, I look forward to seeing ‘FT100 Holy Grail’ listED there!


I’m struggling to comprehend why the “FT100 Holy Grail” isn’t included in HOT HANDS. The system is obviously churning out the donero like rain in a monsoon. MK please explain.

If it’s churning out the ‘donero’ in the past 5 or 6 days, what’s your hurry? Keep doing what you are doing and you will be on all the lists you will need.

Hot Hands is a bit of a strange list, as far as I can tell either the criteria changes or it doesn’t get rebuilt as often. Some odd birds on there at times. You want to be on Best Systems.

Hot Hands should not be on the front page of C2 in my opinion, should just be buried in the sidebar with the other lists.

Good luck!


Brian, you are correct (well except for the past 5-6 days bit). I’ll just continue to churn out the donero and see what happens.