How do I sort this out?

I had created this system on co2 some two years back in 2007 or 2006 but never used it.

I started active trading on co2 only after september 2009, that is after about 100 months of its creation. Ofcourse, the first 97 months show as zero profit months, as there has been no trading there.

Now I see that the co2 statistics calculate my date of creation while calculating my annual rate of return. While last three months have been fairly decent returnwise, but I have a feeling that while computing my annual rate of return, the co2 system is spreading my 3 months returns over last 100 months and then showing the result.

I may be wrong here but if I am right, is there a way I can set my co2 system to compute only my active trading months. i.e starting from the 1st day of trading?




Congratulations to you on your recent gains. I believe you are correct. The C2 stats are from inception of your system. If you wish to start with a fresh set of stats, you will have to start a new system.