Incorrect monthly performance report?

Hi Matthew,

My system shows a 2.7% "loss" in September 2012, even though all positions were closed on August 31 and the markets are closed anyway, how is that possible?


Hi Igor,

The reason your system shows a 2.7% loss without any open trades is because C2 accrues the monthly price of each system on its monthly anniversary date, which for your system is the first of every month,

If you take your monthly subscription fee and divide it by your system equity, you get 2.7%. That;s why you see a 2.7% loss on September 1st.



Oh I see, thank you very much for your answer.

So from now on my system will always start with an immediate “loss” at the beginning of each month, isn’t that great? :slight_smile:

Ok, trading is now open in the Forex market, so let’s get busy…

Thanks again and happy trading.

Hi, I want to understand if only the subscriber’s own system may show such a loss even if there were no trades at all since the subscription fee is reduced from the equity value, or that also when people who are not subscribed to a certain systems look at the public returns of this system they will see returns from which the monthly subscription fee were deducted? Thanks.

If a system charges a subscriber fee, then everyone who views the system’s results will see the results degraded by the amount of the subscriber fee.