How Does C2 Handle Stock Buy Outs?

Does anyone have experience with how C2 handles stock buy outs?

I am asking because one strategy was holding DYN, which right now shows a price of $1.82 on C2 (see screen shot). The cost basis per share of the trade was $13.73. Basically a huge loss. I believe the collective2 system is not taking into account that DYN stopped trading because shareholders are being given VST. Holders of DYN are being given 0.652 shares of VST which is currently at $21.18. Effectively, that is a current price for my DYN shares of $13.81 not $1.82. Not a great gain but not the big loss it is currently showing up as. If I had not been paying attention I believe C2 would have just kept rolling with this big loss. I don’t know. I think support is working on fixing it for this case. If you run a strategy were stocks do experience buy outs do you just have to watch and contact C2 every time something like that happens? Am I wrong and after sufficient time VST would have shown up in the strategy on its own?

This is probably hopeful thinking but perhaps I should go back through previous stock trades to see if anything similar has happened and not been properly accounted for.

Charles, you just have to put in a trouble ticket for the trade, and follow up with the Help Desk if the correction isn’t made. They’ll honor this deal with VST, no question.

I bought WG on 3/20 at .25 and it immediately tanked and declared probable bankruptcy. It went down to .155 on 3/26 and stopped trading. Then it was acquired by a competitor the next day, and on 3/28 it began trading as WGRP at an opening bid of $.54. I sold at that point but the C2 record was showing a big loss, same as the DYN situation.

I submitted the ticket and followed up, and C2 gave me the $.54. 117% profit, not bad!!

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