How does C2 handle the following case?

Say for example … I had no position in @YMM6 to begin with and have set BTO order at 11180 as well as STO order at 11280. Later the BTO order was filled first. Then from there on if the price goes up to 11280, will the YMM6 long position be sold there at 11280 using the STO order?

I imagine that would be the way how C2 handles such case but not quite sure. Just want to confirm.

Yes, this is how C2 will handle this scenario.


Because then you would have 2 open positions, 1 long and 1 short.

Can we have 2 open positions with opposite directions ?

Or would the STO (in the example given) be applied against the BTO, and issue a P/L ?


No, C2 doesn’t allow simultaneous positions long and short in the same instrument. Thus the Sell (to open) would actually get turned into a Sell (to close) and would flatten the open position.


This was the reason of my question.