Fast Trade on C2 (an interesting case ...)

Emailed, trade filled @11442 (5/1/06 12:57) - 5/1/2006 Sell to close 5 @YMM6 @ limit 11442 GTC

Emailed, trade filled @11434 (5/1/06 13:03) - 5/1/2006 Buy to open 5 @YMM6 @ limit 11434 GTC


One YM trade I made today was in the following sequence: (1) STO 5 YMM6 @ 11442; (2) BTC 5 YMM6 @ 11434; However by the time I saw YM price drop to 11434 the trade confirmation for (1) has not been seen yet (but I know it should be filled for sure), but I wanted to cover there, so therefore I had to enter a BTO (instead of BTC) order to cover the YM “position”. C2 handled the filling for both orders correctly but in the trade summary it somehow labeled this trade as a “long” (i.e. BTO & STC, see belw) while it should have been labeled as a “short” (i.e. STO & BTC).


BTO 5 @YMM6 11434 5/1/06 13:03 - STC 5 11442 5/1/06 12:57 $200


Of course this “error” doesn’t hurt anything. It just doesn’t look right. I guess the reason maybe was because that the BTO order was handled by C2 engine earlier than the STO order in this case.

So generally speaking, it looks like doing fast trade on C2 is still possible if you can enter the next trade without having to wait for the previous trade confirmation come back. But in such cases C2 may not label the trade correctly.