How to create a test system?

I started your system creation page, wanting to create a private test system. After a couple of pages, it appears to me that I was creating a public for sale system.

Ultimately, I do intend to sell the system, but not until I have run enough tests to be sure it’s worth using. So I just stopped and abandoned the set up pages.

Is public or private a later question during set up, or should I have started somewhere else?

Trader. George

To create a private test system, you just create a system exactly as you did. Then, before entering any signals, you need to designate the system as a private test by going to EDIT SYSTEM DETAILS (available via the blue Admin button, on your system page).

If you were unaware of the restriction that no signals could be entered, and you still want to designate it a test, contact Alen at our help desk ( and she will take care of you.