Test system visible

I am trying to make some autotrade software for myself, and I needed some signals to process. I subscribed several free systems but I got no signals yet. So I created a test system myself. A while ago it was said that test systems should be indicated as such at their time of creation and that they would not be visible. I looked deliberately for a possibility to indicate this but I saw none. And now it is visible. It is also visible when I login to my other account, so I assume it it is visible to everybody.

I don’t like this. I am not a system vendor and I don’t want to be perceived as a system vendor.

On a second note, for a long time I thought that people with a visible system labeled “Test” might not be entirely honest because they should have indicated this at the creation of the system. But now it seems impossible to do so.

Am I wrong?

From your "Home", click "Edit" on the system, and scroll down to where you may make it a test system. Save your change and you should be good.


Thanks Raystonn! That worked.

But I think I understand now why some people were never aware of this.