New Test System Feature

Many people asked for a new feature in which system developers could create a special “test system” to allow them to test their own software, or to familiarize themselves with the C2 platform.

The feature is now available.

Please note that there are severe restrictions on Test Systems:

(1) Once you designate a system as a test system, you can never change your mind.

(2) No one other than you will be able to see the test system.

(3) No one will ever be able to subscribe to a test system.

(4) Test systems will not factor into your C2 score, and will not appear on any Hot List.

(5) You must decide to designate a system as a test system before you enter any trade signals into the system.

The reason for these restrictions, obviously, is that we don’t want system vendors to hide their bad systems by suddenly deciding that they are actually test systems. Nor do we want to allow system vendors to start ten test systems, trade ten different, and then “un-test” the sole good one and start soliciting subscriptions for it.

So, you need to decide before you start trading that a system will be a test system. After you make that decision, you cannot later change your mind.

Two other things about test systems. First, you need to pay for a listing fee before your system can be designated a test system. Second, once a system is designated a test system, you’ll be able to “erase” all its trades and stats and start over again, whenever you like.

How to make a test system:

(1) Create a new system.

(2) Go to EDIT SYSTEM (link appears on your Home page, or on the system page).

(3) You will see a checkbox that allows you to designate it as a test system.

Please report any bugs or unexpected complications to me. Also, I welcome your feedback.