How to find good systems? When market crashes!

Now it the best time to do homework. Only when market crashs, go out to see who still have pants on.

The most popular system is down more than 25% in August, my system is up near 9% in August. ^_^.

Maybe we can get a list of what systems are doing well recently while the market is crashing.

Please keep your pants on. The economy is already shrinking, we don’t need to see any more cases of extreme shrinkage

Not really, some systems only do longs, as in the long term you will get better, and keep the security for a few weeks, as you pay less commission. Top systems still look good to me, even with some drawn down, which is normal.

For someone who is in for the long term, it should not be a problem.

My system does not do short even in this bear market. It still got more than 10% for August.

Looks like this one lost it’s pants. Money Grubber has now gone to withholding trades for 7 days from the public.

Check out that hockey stick chart and be sure to re-read the early prediction of the demise of this system in Analysts notes.

The bigger they brag, the harder they crash.

You may want to look into Cyclical Model- when the markets trend- up or down this system has made money- One may want to look here and see why it is one of the most popular systems out there


You said it right.

Do I hear crickets?

Actually Monkey Groper has proved himself to be a very proficient trader, he just happened to make an unfortunate trade in CABI (Crash And Burn, Inc.) that did him in.

Money management is crucial in bad times- everyone looks like a smart trader when the market is rising- I would look at Sharpe Ratio / Profit factor / along with Correlation w/S&P and of course Probabilities of future account loss that is posted for each system. To me win/loss ratio is a suckers way of looking at a system.

Then look at popular systems and from those pick the one or ones you want with the criteria above

Would not be surprised if you had Cyclical Model at the top of list each time


Not so impressed with your trading skills, but I may be interested in hiring you as an Ad Copy Writer.

What system are you impressed with? Would like to know Thank you[LINKSYSTEM_55644026]

I just said that he was right - you should look for good systems when market falls! And he was right. But he assumed that his system would be that lucky one, and after the drawdown of 60% you cant hear anything from him…

I remember looking at his system and saw one position in JVA, he bought 40,000 shares when daily volume was about 130,000. Anyone should wonder what would happened if he had 4 subscribers trading that stock? It’s no surprise to me that “keep after worst-case slippage” is only 32.9%. Now multiply his profits with that percentage and that is what you could realistically expect.

So the point is that you should always have respect for the markets, no metter how good you are, because you never know when drawdown will sneak behind your back.

I think you guys just made conclusion too early even without looking what trade made the huge 60% drawdown. My drawdown is not due to the bear market or market crash. It can live really well in bear market or even the very bloody market like last week. I bet you even did not check the chart of JVA. If you look at how JVA developed within last 3 months, you will see what a good trade I made on it. Many people are just losers in the market and they are lack of objective analysis.

Well said. It goes to my other thread about trading with real money. System developers should put their money where their mouths are.

If average volume was 130k. Imagine if he had 50 subscribers trading 40k shares each? Demo trading is not realistic at all. You should only follow people who trade with real money and are making real trades. That’s my opinion.

Money Grubber says:

"Many people are just losers in the market and they are lack of objective analysis."

Please check your own chart before criticizing others. Be professional please.

Money Grubber, you do have a good point. We should definitely all wait to form a conclusion about your system until AFTER all your imaginary equity is gone, and that shouldn’t be too long of a wait. Here’s a couple tips in the meantime:

1. Try and find your pants

2. Find a fork

3. Stick it in your "system"

4. Because it’s “Done”

You are really arrogant. Please check the chart of JVA before you speak out. I found a very bullish stock when it was very young. Didn’t you realize it? I am sorry to say some people are really not that smart.

Please do some objective analysis before you speak out. I do not mind if you subscribe and unsubscribe before the trial period ends. So you can do some anlaysis on complete data

Maybe that’s too difficutl for you. Then just forget about it.