How to receive alerts on yahoo messenger


I would like to know how to receive trading alerts on yahoo messenger after I subscribed to a trading system?


Why Yahoo messenger? Is ITM not good enough?


That is my subscriber’s question and it is my job to get the good answer for him/her so it is not a good idea to respond with “Why Yahoo messenger? Is ITM not good enough?”.

Thanks for reading my post!

The best answers are often given after changing the question a little. In this case, it could be that your subscriber is simply unaware of the functionality of ITM, and then the answer "use ITM" is probably the best answer - even though it is not an answer to the original question.

We don’t support Yahoo messenger. You need to use C2’s Instant Trade Messenger (ITM). Please see the Frequent Questions link (left-side menu bar, towards the top) to learn how to use ITM.

Thanks Jules and Matthew!