How to simulated-autotrade or publish a Seetu Strategy?

I have a Seetu strategy that I’m satisfied with. I would like to have it autotrade in my simulated brokerage account. How do I get this Seetu code to become an actual strategy that can be autotraded, followed or published?

If it is not possible, what are the recommended alternatives?
Regards and thank you C2 community!

Hello Sebastian,

we are working on that.

I am not dare enough to give you any better deadline estimation than “in next weeks”.


Thank you Bob. That would be great!

Hi Bob,
I noticed a Run It tab for Seetu now. Are we live? If I do automate it will it run in my simulated brokerage acct? How about live trades?
Thanks for all your work. This is gonna be awesome!

Sorry Sebastian -

The visibility of the “run it” tab was a mistake.

It’s not ready for prime time.

But we’re getting very close. We’ll announce here when it’s ready.

When it is, you will be able to create a strategy using the Seetu trading strategy programming language, and have it run automatically as a C2 trading system.

More soon…