HybridFutures System

I would appreciate the C2 community views on HybridFutures system, as it seems to have a very promising equity curve. But I have a few concerns, it seems to use an averaging down strategy and I don’t see how it’s tradable by C2 subscribers as it uses fractional quantities of future contracts while to the best of my knowledge C2 subscribers can only use inter contract quantities ?

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Link below

Fractional is because they at some point changed the size of the model portfolio.

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I’d be curious to see how this strategy performs in the real world. It appears a lot of the trades are opened and closed within seconds Of each other. A lot of times that type of trading looks great in a C2 simulation but the equity curve flattens with autotraders because of slippage. I’d also worry about averaging down.

I’m going to add it to my watchlist and see how it’s doing in 6 months.

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Futures are highly risky and have large amounts leverage. I have yet to see a forex or futures strategy successfully trade like this indefinitely. Also, if a strategy’s results are not based on real fills I wait for someone else to test it first. For example this screen shot shows none of the publicly available trades were based on real autotrade fills. If they were there would be a little emblem showing that there were real fills. Often times strategies do great until autotraders come on board. This is because the equity curve is then based on actual fills not theoretical ones. This strategy could still work I don’t know. I am just saying that you should know that if the track record is not based on real fills the equity curve tends to deviate more from reality.

If there are real fills there will be an emblem next to the trade like this screen shot from a different strategy.

The Futures market (or any market) is not risky, because WE (the traders) decide how much to risk on each trade (as a percentage of capital), regardless of the fixed leverage given by our broker.

We cannot control the markets but we can certainly control the risk, so the idea that such and such market is “risky” is simply not true. In fact it does not even make any sense, when we really think about it.

I’m not saying it can’t be managed effectively but it is a lot harder to blow up an account trading SPY with no leverage than it is to blow up trading with ES futures.

Again, not true.

If my stop is 2% of trading capital (for example), then I lose 2% of my capital in both cases (if my stop is hit), leverage or no leverage, end of story.

In theory yes. Not in practice.

In theory AND in practice, a 2% stop is a 2% stop, leverage has absolutely nothing to do here.

Yes gaps have never happened in history…

Gaps and negative slippages do happen everyday in every market, leveraged or not.

@LiveForexSignals Listen we can argue all day long but there is no need to. I think they are more risky you don’t that is fine. I am impressed with the results of your current strategy. I hope it works out well. Is your current strategy, ID number 128077033, one that you expect to do well in the future or is it just a test strategy?

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My point is a stop is useless during a gap. If you have a gap. More leverage means more of a move during a gap.

Yes, if the gap is serious then the leverage will work against us, no doubt, even though the gap can be in our favor too.

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This trade leader kicked me off sim the same day I added him on sim.

Also, notice he scaled down as there are fractional trades in the sizes which is impossible and there was a 29% drawdown on one trade which indicates averaging down and no stops.

Beware this trade leader as he maybe hiding something or just plain luring in innocent paying subs!!

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@PJ01, he scaled down because some of the individual trades hit a large drawdown. So by scaling down he reduced his drawdown statistic which means he’s been around C2 for awhile and is a seasoned C2 member that used another ID. He does averaging down which is why there is such a large drawdown on some trades and I doubt he uses stops. I would be very wary of this trade leader and strategy. I have my popcorn ready to watch this strategy blow up… :popcorn:

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@LiveForexSignals why has you strategy experienced a 65% drawdown. Did you not use stops that made futures and forex no more risky than buying SPY? I seriously do want to understand what happened. Because I didn’t see that there were massive gaps in any markets though there certainly could be some that I didn’t see. Even though I feel like you have proven my point I honestly do want to understand what happened. I have often thought about making a futures or forex strategy but have been too afraid. I feel like your big drawdown proves my point that futures and forex are extremely risky and most people who trade them just don’t understand the risks here. However, your drawdown may be simply because you did something wrong. Not because of the inherent risks. I want to understand what happened if you are willing to share.

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The stops were always in place, it’s just that I made a stupid mistake on a GBP/NZD position (by far the wildest and most unpredictable currency pair), I went short instead of long and lost about 5% of starting capital. From that point I simply decided to abandon this system, more or less.

The strategy is still sound, I just need to completely eliminate its 20% discretionary component. This is what I am currently working on.

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Like previously said, NO freely traded market is “risky”, for the simple reason that WE, the traders, can always control the risk.

So unless you are trading very illiquid financial instruments - like penny stocks or exotic currency pairs - the risk you are taking on each trade is always under your control, via a stop or a put/call option.

Also, keep in mind that gaps in the Forex market are virtually nonexistent, except when the market re-opens after the weekend.

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