HybridFutures System

Has there been any progress on this strategy? I do see serious losses frequently that almost wipe out smaller gains. Any clues?

All I need to know…


So what the leader traded on before the first subscriber? Paper money?

@TomShie2, trading on sim is like trading paper money.

Yup. You can take advantage of this on C2 using the bid/ask spreads.

It’s a common occurrence on C2 when you see people in and out of a futures contract in a minute or two with no real money following it. When the real money shows up things change.

This makes a lot of sense. Thanks

Do you have any futures day trading strategies to recommend? Thanks!

I typically don’t plug systems unless they are my own (which I don’t have active on here currently).

Simply for the fact that I can’t possibly know everything about someone else’s system, which I should, if I’m going to risk any of my hard earned capital.

Thanks a lot for your response!