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this is one I have never looked at before… very low Draw Down… lots of trades, 95% winners!!

anyone trading this one

@JohnDesey when you see high win % here it is typically a bad thing, especially when your losers are much greater than your winners.

This has a touch of bullsh*t bid/ask spread trades and martingale to it. Not excessive in both parts but enough to call it a fake strategy in my book. The 2/26 trades that made all the money were almost all bid/ask BS trades you can’t make with real money. For instance, his 2/26 trade STO at 13:02 at 2772 could be legit, but a minute later he BTC it back at 2765.75. I’m looking at a day chart of that futures contract he used and at no point after 13:00 does it even get below 2770. That’s the BS bid/ask trades I’m talking about that C2 does nothing to stop. He eventually got subscribers so couldn’t execute those, so instead he has just done a smaller martingale version - legging into losing trades to hopefully close them out at a very small gain. Eventually he’ll blow up.

People had been trading this here and there. Made about 1-2% for autotraders over two months or so.

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thank you for the response… still looking for one futures strategy I can put on auto trade and let it go.

yeah… also thankx… I just looked VERY closely at the autotrade data… yoiu are right… Martingale down will the looser turns into a winner… not good

I found this strategy by selecting Strategy Day >100 days, Profit Factor >4, Max Drawdown <15%, and % Winners > 90% to search the Grid from all 650 C2 strategy developers.

Hybrid Day Futures has the best return rate among these 5 leaders who met the above criteria.

He usually had a perfect entrance, but probably need to improve the exiting point by holding the positions longer.

I would advise against “winners >90%”.

And considering a large chunk of his gains/trades are BS bid/ask spread trades that you can’t do with real money, the track record is pretty much nonsense. But knock yourself out.


I think C2 should put out a disclaimer for new investors to beware systems with high return percentages and high win/loss ratio’s (but thats not going to happen)…lol :laughing:

Sorry, C2 does actually put disclaimers on some such as the following strategy

I did just see this for the first time:
“Unachievable Scalping. This strategy exhibits a scalping trading pattern that is unlikely to be achievable as more AutoTraders begin to follow the strategy.”

WELL DONE C2 - Now just need to implement this on more systems. Or even better, lock the systems and prevent investors from losing their money in these charlatans. That would be the moral thing to do.


Usually mean reversion strategies have low volatility, consistent performance and high Sharpe ratio. So the % winner is one of the most important performance indicators for these developers using mean reversion strategies. If you check these failed C2 strategies, you’ll find they share a same / similar character - low % winner rate.

Bid/ask spread issue is not related to the trader leaders. They placed orders purely based on the tape. Which price can be executed will totally depend upon the broker or C2 or investor’s capabilities. You can’t get it confused and blame the trader leaders for this issue.

@EinvestUS, if you think you know what you are doing then proceed to invest but remember our warnings…lol

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@EinvestUS, all kidding aside, the system uses a martingale approach to his trades which is why he has a high win/loss ratio. However, if he has a fixed stop always and does not break his rules it may still succeed.

And true to the name of the strategy, its a not a true martingale since he does double down but he averages down. The key is if the system knows when to close the trade and not add more and more.

I meant does NOT double down…lol…typo

I think you misunderstand what I am saying. The bid/ask spread thing is just on C2. Trades on here have gone through nowhere near where the future is actually trading. Seen it with VIX Futures, Forex, ES Futures, etc. Happens alot.

Alot of failed C2 strategies also had >90% win rate. They just had no idea how to deal with losses.

High winning % is also a sign for martingale systems and for systems where trader entering the trade and waiting for profit. At certain point these strategies will have large drawdown. This (large occasional drawdown) also applied to mean reversion systems. In February a lot of mean reversion systems which were doing great last couple years trading ES failed on C2 with much larger DD compare to last couple years DDs.

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What do you mean “double down”? You mean he has to stick using only one or two contracts forever for his trading? If you look at his trading record, many times he just used 1~2 contracts. In this case his strategy is actually too conservative, for his 70K account.

You guys need to combine all indicators / filters together, instead of singling out particular one, to evaluate the results. It would be interesting to see any C2 strategy that failed with the Profit Factor >4, Max Drawdown <15%, and % Winners > 90% with long enough history.

Check this thread

It is full of former good mean reversion systems showing profits in 2016-20117.

the unicorn doesn’t exist. if you want a realistic future trading strategy you able to handle 25% draw down possible gain of 50%. anything less than 10% draw down you should expect 20-25% annual gain from trading futures.

All these future strategy that gains 50%+ per month with no draw down because of 2 reasons, 1 they found a way to “scalp” the c2 system. or 2. they use CRAZY leverage and martingale their trades. seeing 25k strategy owning 15 ES contracts im sick to my stomach.

right now i haven’t find a “good” future strategy since 2/5/2018. Because most of current future strategy haven’t see a 5% or 10% pull back. That’s where you want to study the future strategy. What they do and how they handle them selves when the trend reverse. Look at all those VIX strategy in 2017, OMG everyone of them is up 50-250% in 2017, then 80% of them died on Feb 2018. with future strategy that has a short track record, 12 months or less. during a bull market, any long future or BTFD strategy can make 20% a month with 10x/15x leverage. You want to find the “good” ones that can survive the 2% gap down or a 10% pull back.


You have nailed it. I have finally got it after loosing way too much money. Unrealistic expectations lead you to loose money, simple as that. Now, I have almost zero expectations I will find enough systems to invest on in C2.