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I created 4 PxV systems with different risk levels

Hello Dear subscribers and all C2 customers!
I want to congratulate everyone on the New Year 2020! Happiness, well-being and all the best to you and your families!
Many thanks for the trust and support of my PxV Forex system, I really appreciate this trust. There was one major drawdown when trading. Unfortunately, some subscribers unsubscribed after the drawdown. I understand them and am very sorry. Before the loss was restored, I did not charge a subscription fee. At this point, I was very supported by the letters of my subscribers, they believed in me and in my system. Thank you very much for your letters. After this support, the account was quickly restored. This drawdown was a good lesson for me. In the future, I will not allow such large drawdowns. In 2020, I will pay more attention to drawdowns. Once again, I want to apologize to those who lost money because of me.
Coming to C2 investors want to make a profit. High-yield systems are the most popular and risky. Any system has a drawdown. Tolerance for loss and all different. Therefore, I created 4 trading systems with different drawdown levels.

PxV Forex

My first and favorite system. Trading is conducted on currency pairs EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CAD. The yield for 2019 is more than 100% per year. This return is associated with increased risk. Estimated drawdown up to 25%. Now 35.4% occurred due to one large non-system entry for GBP. This will not happen again in the future. This system will be of interest to those who want to get a high income and can afford to take an increased risk.

PxV C2Star Certification

The system is similar to PxV Forex. The main difference is reduced risk. In this system, I focus on risks, not returns. The expected return is more than 30% per year. Possible temporary drawdown of up to 12.5%. If this drawdown is not acceptable to you, you can change the scale or increase the amount on the account to make the drawdown more acceptable to you. Created for those who do not want high risk.

PxV Futures

The system will trade like PxV Forex, but only currency futures for EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CAD, as well as rarely S&P 500, gold and oil. Estimated drawdown up to 25%. This system will be of interest to those who have a restriction on Forex trading.

PxV C2Star

The system is traded with risk limitation and under the rules for c2star certification. Trading is conducted on currency pairs EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CAD. This system involves a very strict limitation of risks. You can read the rules on C2. The system is suitable for low-risk trading.
If you have any questions, you can write to me on C2 or on my mail

You should understand that all the stated forecasts are my assumptions and they may change based on market situations.

As a lesson in professionalism and humility I think it will be of interest to the forum audience to also see the private message he sent to his subscribers after he had suffered the big drawdown in July - BTW, he recovered it in less than 40 days:

Attention - all subscribers to PxV Forex :

PxVForex, the manager of PxV Forex , has instructed us to broadcast the following message to all subscribers:

Good afternoon, dear subscribers. I wanted to thank you for trusting me in your letters. I appreciate that. I am pleased to communicate with positive people. The number of subscribers increased to 69 people. The investment amount exceeded $ 2,300,000. I think in a few months I will close the loss. I found a mistake in my calculations on GBP, which led to a large loss. In the future, I will not take such big risks. Until the loss is closed, the subscription will be free for everyone. I hope for long-term cooperation. I wanted the cooperation to be comfortable. To do this, you need to get acquainted. My name is Pavel Viktorovich. I am 49 years old. Married. Four children. The trading experience of 12 years. The applied trading system has been developed for 5 years. Testing the system is very difficult to do, since more than 8 parameters are taken into account in dynamics. Calculations were carried out in manual mode and showed more than 100 % with a maximum risk of 25% (calcula tions for 5 years). Trading is carried out on EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CAD. Looking for levels where the price should not come, there place a stop. If the market situation has changed I close the position myself. Stop sign am running always. Profit is not put, close manually. If the price goes against the first order is added to the position ( up to 3-4 times), usually no more than 2 -3. Deals do short-term (most) and long-term. On weekends I do not like to leave positions, but sometimes I have to, if I leave, then I try to reduce the position. The trading system is easily scaled. I can offer strategies with different risks. Risk/profit 1 to 4, 1 to 5. I chose the risk by its strategy of 25%. I wanted to ask you, would you be interested in a strategy with less risk and profit? If I get enough interested people, I’ll open another account on C2. Will someone be interested in trading currency futures? I know that Forex trading in some countries is limited. During the week, a lot of messag es are received, answers to them take a long time. I will be able to answer them in the weekend on Sunday. If someone did not answer, please repeat the message. English is not my mother tongue. For translation I use a translator, so there may be inaccuracies in the translation. You can also write to my mail I Look forward to your suggestions. Please write briefly about yourself. I want to get to know each of my subscribers. You trust me with your money and I appreciate that trust. Write, about itself, I will wait. Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

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Hello Dear subscribers and all C2 customers!
The last 2 months were unprofitable. This was due to a change in my trading system. With low volatility, I became very aggressive in entering the market to raise returns. This began to lead to large losses. From February, I will start trading on my previous strategy, which brought in more than 200% and my subscribers earned more than $ 2,000,000.
I ask you to be patient. I will recover my losses in the coming months. I made an analysis if I traded on the old system in December and January closed in plus. I shouldn’t have changed my system. If I close February in the negative, then I will make the subscription free. The year has just started, I think it will be successful as well as 2019. I am very optimistic. It gives me great pleasure when my subscribers earn. I think that with your support, we will get a good profit.
If you have any questions, you can write to me on C2 or on my mail

You should understand that all the stated forecasts are my assumptions and they may change based on market situations.

Everyone can make calculation errors. In this case what a responsible money manager does is exit the trade. Don’t tell me that you noticed the error suddenly when it reached 35%? When it was 5-10-15-20-25-30% why didn’t you exit the trade?

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You wrote it right. This was my worst deal. I made conclusions and did not repeat this error in the future.

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