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Good day, The forums views on the above system overall performance would be appreciated, Thanks

The overall performance was good - though only short history.
Right until he betted on GBP during the new nomination of the PM. Oh yes and continued by doubling an unfavourable position

Everything is simple here - what profit are such risks. If you make 200-300% per year, be prepared for a 70-80% drawdown. But it’s not normal to lose 24% in 1 day. This is disgusting towards customers. The greater the profit, the greater the risk.

It is sad, but such a scenario was predictable in the near future.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your investments.

Good day, thank you your comments. I pointed out to the system manager the system was fading and was assured that he had changed the strategy of the system to be less risky, and now would have consistence performance clearly this statement was erroneous. This might of been due to the fact the mangers native language is not English so may of misunderstood what was being discussed but I think this might be generous as he receives fees from subscribers and is accountable. I noted the averaged ratio of $win with $loss was 2.1 on day 60 and then dropped to 1.3 by day 157 and now is 0.6, which is unsatisfactory. Currently I would not be confident that a DD of 24% for this system is a one off event.

Age Win% Avg Win Avg Loss MaxDD% AnnReturn% Win/Loss Gain / Max DD ADP
60 77.10% 306 148 19% 1952% 2.1 9.7 0.62
68 72.50% 336 142 19% 1910% 2.4 7.4 0.66
76 75.00% 334 142 19% 1559% 2.4 7.0 0.63
80 74.40% 328 142 19% 1515% 2.3 6.9 0.63
92 75.90% 286 116 19% 1523% 2.5 7.4 0.69
114 78.10% 259 110 19% 1189% 2.4 5.6 0.73
137 75.50% 249 161 19% 827% 1.5 6.0 0.7
157 79.30% 237 180 19% 795% 1.3 4.9 0.55
182 78.90% 245 179 19% 724% 1.4 4.1 0.59
187 77.30% 243 163 19% 670% 1.5 4.0 0.58
194 78.10% 238 163 19% 647% 1.5 4.0 0.59
201 78.00% 238 162 19% 628% 1.5 3.9 0.6
204 76.90% 237 366 24% 337% 0.6 2.2 0.31

So you’re saying hit the Craps AND Blackjack Table at the Casino?

Just teasing PxV. His system looks OK and he made a SERIOUS mental slip that day. Emotional trading will get your every time,.

Thanks PJ01 for your very insightful analysis! Have you perchance a different favorite Forex system that you’d Forex system you find particularly desirable?

good day eti, not as yet, unfortunately consistently performing systems on c2 are relatively rare thing ! e.g. pv forex’s max dd as now gone up to 34%

Just another Dr Martin Gale forex strategy imho.

We lost him. -(

I thought you couldnt delete C2 history? Dont know why he deleted the system. He took a hit but his early subs were still above water. Bet he starts a new system and just didnt want that HUGE dip in the equity. Decent trader though and he explained the dip as a momentary mistake so it wasnt part of the normal operation.

I’m not sure what happened to the visibility of the strategy on C2, but it was always visible to subscribers and seems to be restored now. Just for the record, the trade leader has been very contrite to subscribers about his bad GBP trade. I believe he probably learned from the mistake.

Be careful with strategies that average down as there will almost always be more situations like the GBP trade.

I’m not sure what exit logic is used but proceed with caution.

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Yeah I was tracking this strat and after all that big loss stuff went down it seemed almost as if the account was deleted. Its nice that people subbed could still track the strategy but over all sketchy AF behaviour. Because of this I will not be subbing and going with Just Forex Trades for my first forex strat. At least that one has 5 years of successful trading history.

Looks like he has recovered nicely, for the record. I would subscribe.

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