I don't understand

I don’t understand why I cannot see on my OEC Trader, on my PC, all the currency trades, in detail.I cannot analize if the win is sure or not. I use Niger system, from yesturday and I want to be sure which system is better, before paying. What I saw on OEC was red=lost and finally, deleted, but when I saw the result on your site were only winning trades.

I,m David Genaro/ Voaides Ioan/ topnetgeneral@hotmail.com


I’m afraid I may not understand exactly what you’re asking. But let me try to answer as follows:

You can certainly look at your OEC Trader, but OEC trader shows everything grouped together, and doesn’t break trades up by trading system. Also, you can’t use OEC Trader to modify positions, add stop losses, take profits earlier than the system, etc. – which you can do from the C2 Web site.

That’s why we recommend that you use the P/L Reporting provided on the C2 Web site (pull down the AUTOTRADE top menu, choose Performance Report).


Thanks, I saw the Performance report, but, why isn’t any change in account summary on OEC Trader? It’s the same as the begining:

$50 000 and on the Performance report is $9919 gain.I haven’t find any forex detailed report on OEC Trader, too.Give me a link, please, to learn more about how does it work.


I can confirm that trades are being placed successfully in your simulated OpenECry (OEC) demo account.

So it sounds like your OEC Trader desktop software is not configured correctly to be able to see the OEC demo account number you’ve been given.

If you insist on wanting to use OEC software to see your account, you’ll need to contact OEC for support, and to help you configure it.

But again, it’s not necessary: you can see all your trades, and your open positions, and the performance of your simulated OEC demo account right here on the C2 Web site.

If you have other questions you can email directly: matthew at collective2