Showing my own system in the "Trade Status" page?

Well, I’ve tried to get this simple question answered today by an e-mail to C2, but got no response. So now I reach out to the wisdom of this “Collective” forum, in hope that someone (even MK?) will have the answer:

My very own system, that I use to autotrade into my OEC account, is no longer showing in the C2 page “Trade Status” as a tab, as it did until just a few days ago. All the other systems that I autotrade have their own tabs there, except for mine.

I paid to have this system setup for the only purpose of getting my trades into OEC w/o screwing up the autotrade feature - but now I cannot see its open orders!

BTW, my system is working well and executing trades in my account - I just cannot see it in the page “Trade Status” with the other ones I am autotrading.

As a possible solution, I’ve tried subscribing to it - but I am not allowed, being the owner. Then I deleted and reset the autotrading settings a few times - but it is still not showing.

Help anyone?

you dont see your system in the dropdown box on the Setup Autotrading page?


Your system should indeed appear. I have not yet had a chance to look into this.

Yes, I did find it in the dropdown list, and that’s how I set it up to autotrade in my OEC account. The issue is not in this page, but in the “Trade Status” page, that shows all the systems I’m autotrading. There was a tab for it too, that I just can’t find for the last week or two.


THANK YOU! That is the answer I was hoping for. I thought I was going crazy here having seen things that I can no longer find. At least now I know the tab should be there. I appreciate your assistance with it when you have a chance, since it not an urgent matter.