Issue with autotrading Open E Cry

I believe I setup my auto-trading with Open E Cry correctly however none of signals have been executed in the account.

I just logged in into OEC Trader Demo from Open E Cry and the account does not show any transaction or position open.

Could you please investigate this ASAP as LRC Extreme Futures is an expensive subscription.


Manuel Bossi

you are unlikely to make any/much money through LRC. You will pay $4 a RT to OEC, commission, and take a look at their average per-unit profit…

Hi Ross,

You are right. I did not consider the commission element. However, all the other stats looked good.

Another system I’m testing is positive forex. This also has good stats. Any insight on this one?



  1. LRC is at $7.43. After $4 C2 autotrade fee and commission, and slippage, and your time and possible errors and other stuff, none of these scalping systems are worthwhile.

    I mentioned this to MK about people trading in volume and fees, but I basically got put off. I did not understand this at all. Usually, MK grasps the situation. Every smart person will avoid C2 autotrading with the LRC type systems, costing MK possible money.

    the fee should not exceed $1 RT for volume scalpers. I gave up.

    2) Positive Forex is interesting, but I have never traded it. I would suggest you investigate it and let us know your experience with it


The reason you see no trading is because your demo account has expired.



I opened the demo account on June 18 so, as it lasts for 2 weeks, I doubt it’s expired. Did you check that personally?



Yes I don’t see it on my screen. Did you create that demo from the C2 autotrade setup page or directly at OEC?


Hi, I created that from C2.


I have set up autotrading with a live account at OpenECry and it seems not to work.

Actually, the same happend with the demo account that I open at OpenECry aprox. two weeks ago.

To be more precise, autotrading with a demo OpenECry account worked approx. 4-6 weeks ago until problems with the Cheetah system occured due to wrong reports back from the broker.

My question: does live autotrading with OpenECry work or is there any issue? I am stupid and I set anything wrong up?


I’m quite sure you are not stupid. And I’m also quite sure that OEC Autotrading works really, really well.

Let me take a look at your account settings and get back to you. It may be just a wrong setting that needs to be tweaked. Hang on. I’ll contact you via email when I have an answer.

"To be more precise, autotrading with a demo OpenECry account worked approx. 4-6 weeks ago until problems with the Cheetah system occured due to wrong reports back from the broker. "

I’ll chip in my 2 cents here…

I was a bit of a guinea pig for OEC -> autotrade -> C2 in regard to pit contracts. Mind you, they basically had the electronic markets nailed from the beginning. However, there were numerous teething issues with the pit contracts, mostly regarding slow reporting from the pits (especially NY softs) and C2 wanting to sync the systems. (FWIW, the problem was that C2 showed the trade as filled, but the customer’s account didn’t because of the slow reporting. So C2 would do a cancel/replace to market and often ended up double filling the customer account. That’s the short version. Other related problems existed as well.)

Matthew and Francis worked almost nonstop for a couple of weeks trying to fix this. Much of the problem was at the broker end, not C2. But, and this is the important part…

Autotrading with OEC currently works. Consistently, reliably, accurately. Period. It was not easy, but they did it. I use it at least a couple of times a day and all is going smoothly. OJ, coffee, cattle, corn. Everything.

(This is strictly an aside for old farts like me. It never ceases to amaze me how well the internet works. I have a computer dedicated to entering trades and another with the OEC interface running. I can enter a trade on C2 and a second or so later the other computer gives that annoying “doink” that a trade has filled on OEC. So the trade leaves my computer in Oregon, weaves it’s way to C2 in NY, where it goes to OEC somewhere in the midwest, then to the appropriate market where it is entered and filled, and back to my computer in Oregon. In a second or so. Whew!)