I plan to use Collective2 Gen 3 with FXCM UK

I plan to open my account with FXCM UK to use it with C2 gen3 system. Is it possible or need any special setup or some additional work with FXCM UK? Please suggest.

Captain Wiriyaluppa

Dear Captain,

There are two things to know when opening a live account for AutoTrading.

First: Make sure it is a mini account. C2 trades in mini lots so you’ll need an account that can handle mini lots.

Second: FXCM (and GAIN) require that traders open an AutoTrading account through an Introducing Broker that offers C2 AutoTrading such as BulldogFX. There are a few additional documents that are required by an Introducing Broker, but you’ll get those when the time is ready.

You can send an email to admin@bulldogfx.com for more info or visit http://bulldogfx.autotradenow.com/cgi-perl/white_label/account_urls.mpl to open an new account.