Autotrade on FXCM practice account

Before trading live I wanted to try linking Gen3 autotrade to a practice account first but it won’t let me input a practice account because that has a ‘D’ at the start of the account number.


Also… can’t see autotrade options on the non-usa site.

We don’t support broker-provided "practice accounts."

However, we do support Collective2 Simulated Broker accounts, which use the same Gen3 technology as regular broker accounts, but the price fills are simulated. C2 Sim accounts are free, and you can try out autotrading with a Sim Account.

OK thanks.

I just tried my live account but I selected MT4 on signup at FXCM and that’s not supported - what should have I selected for autotrade?

Hi Jago,

When opening a live account at FXCM for Autotrading on the Non USA C2 website, it is recommended that you use the following link:

MT4 Autotrading is not supported, so you will select a standard account when opening an account Autotrading purposes.