IB trading slippery

Hi, there

I joined this great community last month, and any thoughts from you guys are welcome!

I’m currently subscribing to a forex system and using C2-TB-IB for autotrading. The system cuts winning trades at 15 pips and losing trades at 30 pips, but what I got in my IB real account is 10 pips (or less) for the winners and 35 pips(at least) for the losers. So u can see there are 5 pips slippery round trip.

My concern is that the system is using limited orders, and all the trading signals were given out several minutes to hours before they were filled, and I could see the IB TWS had the same pending orders as in C2. So I think

1. Limited orders are not an issue for autotrade, if the system gives the signals minutes before they are filled. 'cz TB claims it can handle 10 orders per sec (or something like that)

2. All the slippery I got is from bad executions (bad luck?). But do u think 5 pip per round tip is ridiculious for IB? They are charing 2 pips already.

Thank you!