Ideas for improvement

I have a few ideas for improvement of the C2 experience for both the system developers and the subscribers.

  1. Show a list on the dashboard or with a link of new systems added to C2. This could include a brief description of the strategy and the name of the developer. Currently, the only way to get recognition for a new system is to make some big trades early and get lucky. Then you show up near the top on the Grid.

  2. On the dashboard, show a strategy new high list, preferably new 365 day highs. This would be similar to the new high list for stocks. C2 should be encouraging subscribers to follow the more successful, longer running systems. Now a lot of dashboard real estate is taken up with 14 or 30 day highs, which is basically random motion. Let’s promote systems that have merit.

Any other great ideas? I am sure that there are programming priorities, but this site needs to be more informative and inviting to new subscribers and new developers.

Plz add foat and fbtp from eurex exchange :

Does anybody really use all these lists to select a system to subscribe?
I’ve checked Leading Strategies List couple times, looks like that list is on 90% a gambler’s list :smile:
But maybe it was just temporary.

Collective2 does not charge developers until the fifth trade. Therefore, some ‘developers’ bet it all on the first few trades. If they strike it rich, then list the system and collect fees from the gullible. Otherwise, they just kill the system and start another. To prevent this fraud, the first five trades should not count in the record, or all systems started should show in the trader’s record. I prefer eliminating the first five trades as that would eliminate traders changing their name to start new systems…

It is hardly fair to highlight these short term results when developers who have been contributing and paying here for years are ignored. Maybe this brings in the revenue, but “churn and burn” plans such as this discredits the whole site.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll be redesigning the dashboard in the fall along with addressing logic behind the listings and content.

In this case I’ll add my 5 cents: would it be possible to separate watch list and list of subscribed systems? Or even add a possibility to create number of different watch lists on the dashboard. They can be arranged in at two columns.

Another contract

A forum for each strategy …

How about fixing the messaging system in the Collective2 Message Center? It appears some enhancement was attempted but it is more difficult than ever to deal with.

It appears message length is limited so longer messages have to be broken into multiple segments, pasting text into the message box aligns all text to the right (this is insanity), and hitting enter to begin a new paragraph sends the message instead. Why not just click a send icon to ship the message off and leave the return function for its intended use?

Please revert to the old system, while not perfect, it at least followed some accepted norms for typing and sending text.


Thanks you for bringing these problems to our attention.
We have improved Message Center now to properly support multi-line messages when typed in or copy-pasted.

Still, when typing-in, one needs to use SHIFT+ENTER to introduce a line feed, as just hitting ENTER sends the message.

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Hi what about the mobile version how to introduce a new line ?

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