Suggested improvements in C2 software

i would like to suggest a couple of C2 software improvements. generally it is getting better, but if you can think of something else maybe they can add it.

  • would be nice to use text messages instead of email notifications
  • would be nice if we could have an automatic notification of the balance or the % change of an account, like maybe end of the day.
    -i miss the trial periods would be nice to have a 1 day ability to cancel a subscription. i could see abuse, so put a limit of 1 or 2 per month.
    what do others think of these ideas, and any more

+1 for both those ideas.
One thing I would mention though is that a focus on short term performance is often a detractor from long term performance. People tend to bail on a strategy/stock/etf after a period of bad performance and then miss out on the bounce, and often further gains. Strategies really should be thought of as long-term investments (assuming you are investing in one of the sensible strategies here).

Agree here. True performance of the strategy will show itself say after one year. I would advise to stick for st least quarter fir any new sub. Some hedge funds have a lockup periouds ranging from 3 to 6 months. There’s sence behind it. Patience might be the best advise to new followers as well as trade leaders.

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I agree that we have to watch the tendency to withdraw from strategies when down

However there are situations when strategies do get screwed up by external events such as broker problems and changes ie deposits and withdrawals