If in trouble then double

The popular strategy (Forex) “PxV Forex” took a serious hit yesterday. Betting on UK/Brexit, whether beeing hard or soft Exit, is a dangerous thing.
Especially if you double position on the way down in GPB/USD

I am out :frowning:

LOL!! These things must come in 3’s (as just reading about a different BLOWN system). Did you get into PxV late? Still looks like a profitable system for people that started in May. He took a hit but didnt blow the account. As long as you’re in it with ‘Gambling’ money it still looks like a good bet (even though that last trade is kinda ??? - Brexit is the Unknown. I’ve just got into a GBPUSD BUY and I’ve been waiting for it a couple days otherwise I would have been selling down but I was unsure of how much downside was left in the tank).

I am OK - Subscribed for 2-3 months, so it is break-even.
But I will unsubscribe, I really do not like the doubling-down in such an uncertain and political scenario.

Are you okay? A person lost in 1 day - 24% in a calm market, averaged against the trend down. [POST EDITED TO REMOVE AD HOMINEM ATTACKS]

From the manager:

Dear subscribers!
I also like you very much for the last two transactions on GBP. I lost my money just like you. I want to explain why this happened. I trade short-term (1-2 days) and long-term (3-18 days). Short-term transactions occur often, there I put a small stop and get a small profit. Long-term transactions are rare, but they can make a big profit, but you have to put a far stop. The GBP deal was supposed to be long-term. I waited patiently for her. When the price came to the right level, I began to load the position. I was so happy that I tripled the acceptable risk on this deal. I don’t follow the news much. This time the news background was stronger than the market situation. I got a big loss. Now there is a reflection of what happened. I take this loss as a great lesson. Thanks to the market for my training. This lesson will make me stronger. I will continue to trade at risk. On the closure of the loss on the GBP need a few months. Many of you have suffered losses fro m my trade, especially not long ago signed up. So realizing this, I can’t charge for a subscription. For the period of account recovery, the subscription will be free. Thank you for your understanding and my support in your comments.

" I was so happy that I tripled the acceptable risk on this deal."

What the F…
Next time you want to be happy, may I suggest Prozac or a joint.

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At least he communicated and explained the issue. The silver lining is the fact that its not the ‘normal’ strategy so once he gets back on track it shouldnt happen again. Losses, Losses, Losses!! I HATE EM and close most of my losers pretty FAST!! I usually wont let a bad trade hit me for more than a couple percent at most since I dont want to kill myself (or make bad decisions) trying to recover the loss. I like to keep mine small enough to close the chart, curse a bit, forget about it then move onto the next trade.

Well, I just do not want him to “Feel happy” again. And if he experience that feeling another day don´t let that influence whatever strategy he is using.

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What is he doing? He is alright? Stop him. Such systems spoil the reputation of the project С2. Many people people have left you because of systems that do not control risk. - 34% in 10 days. This is not respect for their customers.

Ummmm… WHAT!? Is He Doing? For Real!! Looks like a classic case of Overtrading to Recover Losses. NOPE! Bad Strategy. Emotions are now on the Field. He’s got to Reset His Brain and get back to doing ONLY what was working before with NO elevated risk. Revenge Trading…

The strategy probably uses a variation of martingale. Averaging down trades and at times doubling down. These types of strategies look great in the short term but will crash and burn eventually.

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Nah. I MIGHT do one or one/two recovery trades but once the cost approaches about 5% I ditch the entire trade and move on to the next. My backtests show that a 1X or qualified 2X recovery trades profit far above the risk. After 2 Martys the numbers dont support it so I’ll auto do 1X. In any event 2 min after I posted a SPIKE activated my 2nd possible Marty prematurely so that trades DONE. I got to keep half the gains in spite of the spike and thats a deal I’d take every day. Since I close losing trades pretty fast when negative its my solution to increased hit rate without leaving trades open for weeks/months until they profit. In/Out… DONE.

Get your own branch and advertise your services. Why don’t you block this shit???

Build your own branch and advertise your shit.

LOL!! What!? This isnt YOUR thread so why do you get say so? Also the original topic has been covered and its become a blown/risky system thread. I was simply posting the opposite mentality that I DONT hold onto losers until they blow the account. This thread feels pretty open. If this was a trading system thread I wouldnt even post in here but its more a ‘general’ topic at this point. Tell 'Em Why You’re MAD Son…