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Bijagual is a amazing strategy


impressive. very good.


so far it look very impressive. remind me of zip4x. double down, then triple down and quadruple down on losing trades, but exit fast on winning trades. Had a nice streak lately on long USD and short Yen.

Im not bashing on the strategy, more Forex allow high leverage and the asset movement is relative low. so keep doubling down on losing position has and will work for awhile. usually until central banker makes some crazy announcement that will break everyone. that is what happen to zip4x, was the most subscribed strategy on c2 for 3 years. he kept double down on the trade and it always came back to profit for him. in forex world the amount of leverage you get you technically can double down at least 8 to 10 times on 1 trade. pretty good odds that a trade will NOT go against you 10 days in a row, and all you need is 1 up day to make all the money back.

best of luck and be careful.


If you can handle 73% DD, Ugh


c2 doesnt allow strategy up to 99.99% draw down. as long as the position is still open and not closed 100% due to margin call (if it ever happens) it will allow some strategy remain open or go over 100% draw down.

like i said, all you need is ONE up day, and you are back! it also seems he does have a stop limit as of recent. so im not sure how many double down he is willing to do before cutting the cord. since its not TOS and he prob want to keep the amazing track record. hard to predict what he will do on the next LARGE draw down.

but hey, its on a roll now. ride it until it dies.


Is there anyway to see what happened to Zip4x at this point? From the link thumbnail and the portfolio time machine it looks like it still did great. Thought there did appear to be some large drawdowns.

This is what I get using the portfolio time machine, but if the results are that good why is it private now?


it doesnt matter now. he just started 2 new forex strategy with 100% win rate. 4/22 trade he double down 12 times and out with a gain. keep adding to a 40% drawdown until it reverses. like i that before you know can double down on forex strategy because of 25x-50x leverage.


He had another strategy before Bijagual?


Yeah…I’m just wondering when the ride will end…lol…amazing run!


no, i was talking about Bijagual reminded me of Zip4x and Diamond4x. forex strategy that double down with max leverage. they usually last awhile because the of amount leverage forex offers. like shorting vix, one morning you might be owning your broker money.


I would agree with OSUTAI. Not a martingale per say. Most of his adding to trades is when he is already winning, which is usually a good sign.

He has, however slipped up and gone deep into a couple trades that were losing. Single trades have lost him 33% or more at a time, which is hard to ignore. His >70% drawdown would keep me away forever.

I’ll say what I said to others - if you double your money, take half out and you can’t lose. Playing with house money then. Good luck all.


First Bijagual in 2016 -

Drawdowns of Bijagual - very good :slight_smile:


Good find JITF.

Easy to find to - wish I had taken the time to click on “Strategy Activity Details” of the creator.


I believe this strategy may last forever.


Not impressed yet, I’v seen a trader , trade 20k into 2M in 6 months, only to lose it all in the next 6 months.


No doubts in this case, especially taking into account that C2 will not stop him even in case of negative balance on the account. Demo traders. :joy:


negative balance? why di u say that


@TaoLi2, @JITF meant that the trader is trading with extremely high leverage and the risks are very real that there could be a sudden collapse from one trade if the trader is not careful. Also, strategies will have good and bad periods which currently he is in a very good period but there was bad periods too when the drawdowns hit 70%.

Its just a warning that nothing good lasts forever so be careful not to invest all your savings in it since a bad period like the one before can wipe out half your account in 2 months.


@TaoLi2, how is Bijagual performing now? Its a high risk/ high reward system. If you can take the huge drawdowns with it.


It is still very good. What do you want if your return is >10x a year?


Have you made 10x yet? I’m not being sarcastic …just curious and intersted. I know its been on a good run for the quite a few months now. Did you get the same returns as the track record?