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Inconsistency in the C2 Grid ranking

Not sure if it is just a temporary bug but I’ve noticed that the C2 Grid produces weird ranking these days, as some otherwise good systems can go from position number 10 (for example) to position 53 (or worse) in a matter of hours!

Personally my system was ranked in the top 3 in the Forex category just a couple of hours ago, then after I closed another winning trade it went down to position # 83, just like that ?!?

And yes, I did clear all the filters in both cases.

Any other Trade Leader experiencing the same problem?


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Ranking in the Grid depends on what column the systems are sorted by. If I sort by system’s name, it will be one ranking, sort by annual return - another ranking etc.

PS At east this is how it works for Subs, maybe Trade leaders have different Grid.

Hello JITF, thank you for your quick reply.

I did use the default C2 ranking filter in both cases, so no particular order was ever used.

In any case I truly do not care about the C2 ranking system as such, it’s just that seemingly little problems like that awaken the Sherlock Holmes in me, LOL :smiley:

Cheers and happy trading my friend.

I don’t remember what was default C2 filter, but I can recall that sometime C2 grid is sorted in different ways, when I open C2. Maybe this is the case. I usually open my saved sort quite quick and use default settings rare.

Good luck!

Hello again JITF.

If you go to the C2 Grid you will find a button that says “Clear All Filters”, If you click on it it will reset all your previous filters to the C2 default filter (whatever that is) : Collective2

I use that default filter all the time, it’s good enough for me,

Bye for now JITF, I am watching the Australian Dollar as we speak, stay green. :slightly_smiling_face:

I now know that the default sorting criteria for the Grid is the Annual return, as my system jumped from position #83 to position #1 overnight, in the Forex category.

I also noticed that it could days for some metrics to update (including the maximum drawdown), so I guess the data we see on the Grid may not reflect the actual results of each C2 system.

Here is something else I’ve discovered: the ranking of each system on the Grid will change if you are logged out, I have no idea why: Collective2

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