Feedback on the new C2 site (part 2)

Use this thread to post comments, feedback, and bug reports about the new C2 site.

Sorry for reposting, but I originally posted this in the wrong location, and I want to make sure it gets addressed…

BUG in System Finder

First, try

Find A System…Grid… Shows "Gen 2 - Mini S&P Only" as 2nd or 3rd most popular. Looks correct.

Now, try

Find a System…System Finder. Select "Most popular on Collective 2" then "Anything" and leave all the "Show Only" boxes unchecked. This should mimic what is shown in the default Grid. "Gen 2 - Mini S&P Only" does not show up at all on this most popular list.

I believe it could be the fact that last 30 days the return has been negative for Gen 2, even though I did not check "Profitable last 30 days" box. My guess is this filter is still active, even if unchecked.

OR, am I missing something?


Sorry for the bad english !

Finally I can access to this thread wich was impossible during 40 mn .

It is very difficult to trade on the new c2 :

-it take sometimes more than 2 minutes to load the trade blotter page or any page on C2 after" 504 or 502 bad gateway".

-c2 had duplicated trades several times on my system , last week an order to "buy 150 gbpjpy @market" had been sent 4 times resulting in a large margin call .

-This morning again, an order had been duplicated : BTO 60GBPUSD @ market .

-some orders had been sent with another symbol : GBPJPY becomes BARGBPJPY (what is that thing ???)

-The system description shows that my system trade "mostly forex and some stocks " wich is absolutely wrong , I had never traded stocks

-It cause a lot of frustration when you can not access to C2 trading blotter during 15 mn with the message "504 badgetaway" when you have an open position that goes against you …

However I love the new design and I imagine how it can be difficult to build a site like C2 but I am here to build a track record and the new C2 seems to be not reliable at this moment to do that correctly .

When I view a specific forum, like this one, then the Forums link at the left of the page does not work anymore. It does not bring me back to the list of active forums.

Obviously this is the least urgent problem of all.