Best Forex Systems list fix please

Hi Mathew,

Please note that we were on the best forex systems for awhile, and suddenly we are not there. However, I compared our stats to many on that list, and we are doing much better than many that are on it. Please look into it if possible.

I know you want to promote new systems, but we are currently bringing you in subscriber money, and would like to try to keep our system on the list if possible.

I know some stats on C2 will go real high when a system is new and then some of them go down over time as real data becomes available, I hope you can take that into account when choosing what systems are being displayed on this list.


— Brad

Bottom line is you want him to change the criteria so that your system gets to stay there, because you deserve it more.

Good luck with that.

No, I just want the list to be fair and when I see systems with stats that are not even close to my system being on the list, then I think the way the list is designed is incorrect. I brought this up before with the C2 admin when there were systems that were basically crashing and burning being put on that list, and the problem got resolved.

Can I ask you Jon, do you actually have subscribers that are paying for any of your systems?

I do, including long term subscribers so that means they have evaluated my RT Forex North system and decided to pay a monthly fee based on my stats. Also, it means that my long term subscribers have been happy with the system or they would not still be here. So I would like an opportunity for new subscribers to be able to make the same decision vs some systems that don’t have the same stats as my system. I don’t have my system here for fun to show what a great trader I am. I am here to make money, and price my system to make it affordable to enough people that the volume of subscribers can compensate my efforts rather than increasing my monthly fees due to the problem with C2 attracting NEW views to my system without having to spend my own advertising.

I understand that C2 mainly makes its money from system developers testing out their systems here, so maybe there may be a better place to market my system. I was planning on just having my system sold through my own website, but many of my subscribers are auto-trading it, and they did not want to get manual signals. If C2 is just going to be for people who want to try out their ideas, and not recruit good systems, then that is fine, I have no problem understanding the rules. However, if C2 wants to promote good systems that others want to subscribe to like my system, then I would like to continue to work with Mathew to make it a better place for all of us.


— Brad

Think about exactly what you’re saying here - you want the list to be ‘fair’, whose definition of fair would we use Brad, yours?

and you want the list to be ‘correct’ so that systems judged to be worse than yours aren’t on there, but judged by who, you?

We have had this conversation time and time again, it is pretty simple.

1. Any ‘Best of’ list is always subjective, everyone’s idea of what constitutes a great system is different, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case that eye is C2, not you, deal with it.

2. If you want to see a list of systems according to the criteria YOU think makes for a good system then you already have such a tool at your disposal, it’s called The Grid. I suggest you use it and I’m sure you’ll find a way to make your system come out no.1 everytime.

And yes I do have paying subscribers but unlike you I wouldn’t be so foolish as to think that somehow makes my system more worthy than others. If as you say you are doing this for revenue stream alone then making a top 10 list should be of little concern to you, but clearly that’s not the case. I would suggest you deal with whatever internal conflict you have as it will eventually come out in your trading, you clearly feel either your systems are not being recognised or your own personal efforts are not being appreciated. Get it from somewhere but don’t take it out on C2 for setting criteria that don’t suit your purposes.

Actually, I’ve discovered information which renders this thread moot. Due to a bug I introduced over the weekend, systems with more than 365 days of history were no longer being included in the “Best” lists. (Don’t ask, don’t ask…)

The recalculation process necessary to fix the problem will take as much as 24 hours to be completed, but the problem is now fixed, and the lists should be properly re-populated by Wednesday during the day.

I apologize for the problem.

That’s good news. Then I sincerely hope Brad finds his system back in there, but if he doesn’t I also hope he accepts it as discussed.

Yes, its back there.

Thanks again,

— Brad