Incorrect Listing of Wkly and Mthly Top Gainers

Looking at the returns on the above 2 listings today, I noted that my DNA Stocks returns beat the last few guys. However my system was not featured.

I hope that the site can properly reflect the TRUE standing of various systems.

With Metta,



The gainers and losers per time period boxes are selected by software, based on several factors. There is some element of randomness to it. There is no guarantee your systems will appear there. For guaranteed appearance on the front page, consider featuring your system. :wink:

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your wonderful site.

This site is a "trading system auditor", auditor is suppose to have objectivity. Hence the randomness will contradict your mission and vision.

Many of us put serious time and effort participation in your site. The randomness is quite belittling.

I am considering some advertisement. But that is a separate issue.

With Metta,