Our July performance is already negative?

So Matthew, not sure why, but our July performance is already -1.3% and the markets have not even opened yet for July!? How do we fix this?



At times outside "regular trading hours" C2 calculates some statistics based on prices "outside regular trading hours". These numberes are rather "freaky" sometimes. I have seen cases where C2 does not receive data for some ticker I have an open position with. Prices are displayed as $0.0. Position shows a 100% loss - scary, but just "virtual".

I developed the habit to not look at any statistcs before the markets open.


I understand what you are saying as I see it all the time on our live accounts. So, presumably, this pre-market loss for today should correct itself after the market opens or certainly by the close.

But, it appears that even right now there is a loss of 1.3% even though it could re-price right now.