Incorrect Performance Calculations

So far today my C2 account is matching my Schwab cash account. It appears fixed as of this writing.

1 more question @MatthewKlein, I noticed that the Model Account Values (Raw) in the strategy page does not reflect the new cash after rescaling. Is this behaviour normal?

I am really loathe to bring this up again. But the C2 daily performance mid day is off by a full 1% today alone.

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I have noticed it bouncing around today too. Sometimes I use the C2 dashboard to get a brief overview of my real money accounts without checking my broker. I keep thinking some big news must have happened as it suddenly changes from up 1.8% to down etc. At least nothing big has actually happened.

I can confirm this is happening. ( not that am bothered with it, i hardly look at it. But i can imagine it can be irritating for people who has been using it)

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My C2 port is lagging today by approx .5% on the day

Any update on this? This still seems to be an issue.

Only at my Broker Transmit system there is a incorrect performance calculations.
The other systems without Broker Transmit seems ok.

Another discrepancy today. My C2 account was 0.5% off the mark

I don’t mind if its 0.1 or 0.3 off but a full half percent is noticeable

Brad - It would be super helpful if in the future you could take a screenshot showing the exact numbers you think are delayed, and make a note of the time of day you took the screen shot.

Brad -

I looked up your data (I’m keeping more detailed audit logs now).

As of 8:29AM this morning, when we reset the “Today starts now” clock, your equity was 433,608.

As of around 16:30 this evening, when I saw your forum post, I saw that your “latest” equity in your strategy was $432,771.

This represents a “Today P/L” decrease of 0.2%.

Now, I think what I need to do is to show in the “drilldown” data (above screenshot) exactly what time of day the “latest” equity was captured. This may help explain why numbers on the C2 dashboard seem different than real-time brokerage statements. Let me try to work on this.

I dont know what Brad trades but its worth noting that dashboard p&l doesnt account for commissions until the start of next day .

So for example if someone is making alot of transactions in futures markets the difference in p&l could be noticable.

Its not an issue , it settles down at the start of the next day or so .

Hey Matthew I think there is a good chance the issue was the allocation tool with Schwab.

I did a manual allocation last night at Schwab and the performance is matching C2.