Incorrect Performance Calculations

Hi @MatthewKlein , I believe something is wrong with the performance calculations for my strategies. I’ve made screenshots to highlight the issue. It also affects the chart, which I assume means the historical performance as well (and not just display/superficially). Hope you take a close look at my strategies. I’ve reset all my strategies at least once over before.

FX30: Today’s PnL: +0.1%, +38. Open Position Unrealized Pnl: +591, Realized Pnl: +35

US100: Today’s PnL: -2.1%, -1093. Open Position Unrealized Pnl: +391, Realized Pnl: +254

US30: Today’s PnL: -0.6%, -194. Open Position Unrealized Pnl: +34, Realized Pnl: +202

US500: Today’s PnL: -0.8%, -372. Open Position Unrealized Pnl: +166, Realized Pnl: +287

These are end of day screenshots. All show very different pnl values.

Today’s P/L summary

FX30 2024-06-06 04.18.08

US100 2024-06-06 04.17.01

US30 2024-06-06 04.18.50

US500 2024-06-06 04.19.27

I want to second what is reported by Quanatee. My C2 performance today is sharply lagging my actual live portfolios by almost a full percentage point.

Something is wrong

Same for my Zen1 strategy

Same here. TOS with Broker Transmit. My broker account shows +1.500$, C2 only +800$.

I’m looking at this. First: I am not sure that all of these several individual reports are all related to the same issue, but, yes, there seems to be a problem with one of the databases we use for display purposes (it is lagging “behind” the master database), so things like stat displays might seem “stuck” or behind.

Trying to solve this now. I will post here when solved.

Just for reassurance: the database in question is used for displaying stats to humans (and powering web-displayed stats). All live trading is powered by master databases that by definition have no lag. Obviously this still sucks, but I want to make sure people know this does not affect actual trading – this is just a stats-on-screen issue. (Still bad, of course.)

I’ll report more here when I can figure out what’s going on.




I also noticed yesterday issues with the “Today P/L” stats on my dashboard for ETF Trend Trader. That stat was stuck at the same amount the entire day and was off by a large amount to what the actual result was.

It is still incorrect this morning.


ETF Trend Trader

Thanks, Matthew. My Zen1 system performance issue has been resolved.

Good to hear. However… unfortunately, some aspects of the reporting delay issue will continue until the weekend. Fingers crossed, I hope all will be resolved by Monday morning.

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Any updates regarding this?

Its happening again. Todays intra day return is off the target once again. My port is lagging my cash ports at the moment by a wide degree

Seems to be fixed from my perspective.

Just going to show the screenshots of 1 of my strategies to highlight the continuing issue at my end.

Dashboard saying I’m in the red (and so is the historical stats), but open positions are green.

Its not fixed for my portfolio. Today 6/12 shows that my C2 account is up 2.1%. Actual live account is up 1.44% at Schwab. I am not autotrading. Please help

From my side, the lagging database has been fixed. It was fixed at the beginning of the week. So, unless I’m completely misunderstanding the situation (always possible, I admit), then things are what they were before the problem last week.

Maybe part of the problem is expectations management? To say it explicitly: we don’t have real-time reporting of results. We’re not a broker, and we don’t have real-time access to your personal brokerage account marked-to-market NAVs. For real-time brokerage results, you need to look at your broker.

However… we do try our best to update what we know about your results as best we can, as CPU and resources are available. Specifically, we calculate marked-to-market performance as often as we can, and use that latest calc when we display your intra-day results on the C2 site.

So they’re not exactly real-time, but they should be reasonable.

Now these recent complaints make me wonder if perhaps people are just very sensitive about this, and are noticing delays that they didn’t really notice before, since we had problem last week (now resolved) where calculation really were well and truly delayed.

I also just want to say, in case people are coming to this conversation late, that what I’m talking about here is how often we update your marked-to-market account values for display purposes. When it comes to actually sending and executing trades, that happens instantaneously (well, maybe with some < 2s latency).

Two things, Quanatee:

  1. The Today’s P/L on your personal dashboard measures the difference between the NAV at the start of the day versus the NAV “right now.” It’s perfectly conceivable that the Open Positions shown on the strategy page are all green and profitable, but the “Today P/L” is red and negative. That would mean something like: “You were super-profitable at the beginning of the day, and now you’re only modestly profitable.” And vice versa is possible, too. All reds on your strategy page, but green on your dashboard.

  2. Also, one other complicating factor, which may not be relevant here, but I might as well mention it: the two screens you show in your screenshots are “snapshotted” at different times during the day. Ultimately everything “catches up” at the end of the day.

Thanks for acknowledging that the problem has been fixed.

Maybe part of the problem is expectations management?

When you said “I will post here when solved.”, and “Fingers crossed, I hope all will be resolved by Monday morning.”, neither of it was implying to us that it had been solved. So it’s good to know that the lagging database has been fixed.

Thanks for explaining point 1. WRT point 2, I was making an effort to make groups of snapshots at the same time, and at different times of the day to illustrate the continuing issue at the time.

I am curious, what is the average/reasonable delay before 1. today’s pnl in the dashboard and 2. the open positions in the strategy page, are updated?

Matthew, I don’t believe we are overly sensitive at all. There is a marked difference between how C2 portfolios were updating a couple of weeks ago versus recent history.

I’ve been with C2 for over 10 years now and I was always pleased with the reliability of the updating and accuracy. This is the first time I can recollect where it went haywire for longer than a day.

I’m not asking or expecting mark to market on a minute by minute basis. Maybe every half hour would be nice. But before the recent bugs the C2 portfolio was updating quite well.


I agree with you BradPappas, even half hour delay is ok. C2 now works less ideal than before, and the problem seems not totally fixed. For example, my Zen1 system is an automatic day-trading system using BrokerTrasnmit, and my system did not generate any day-trade signal today so today’s PNL should be $0, but the dashboard showed +0.3% and +$92.