Information on Brokers


something I really see a bit wanting is the information on cooperation partners…

After some time I decided to look again at the potential to use Gen3 with Collective2. Happily, I saw that 3 brokers would be available…

Then, I tried to subscribe (just for a attempt) a system to it and after being asked that I am non-us, we were down to 2 (Experia and AGM).

Without luck I searched for an Experia website …

I hope I found the right AGM website, but there no further information on collective2.

As also collective2 has no information on the details what it costs to trade a collective2 strategy there - which is probably different from trading directly through them, I am at a loss…

probably the only way would be to sign up, try it out and then find out the costs from the bill… - not an advisable way, as it might undermine the whole profitability of a system.

So, I think, it really would be great, if collective2 would have some more useful information on the autotrader options …

- e.g., one page per company, with link to the website, restriction information (e.g., only available to certain countries), costs (i.e., latest information that you have from them)

The information here

is just insufficient (and in some sense misleading…)

- there it lists interactivebrokers directly: but as far as I can see, it is still not possible directly trade c2 from interactivebrokers?

it seems the fees are a mixture of IB and partner broker fees, etc. - which are also probably not identical for all of the partner brokers…

Hi, Klaus:

You make some good points. We’re trying to gather the relevant information about which autotrade brokers work with which countries, and for which instruments, and the various costs, and organize it in a sensible way.

Regarding costs, however, this much I can say to simplify things: the auto-execution fees (which are charged by either C2 or a C2 affiliate) do not vary by broker. So that stays fixed. The other costs, such as brokerage commissions, do indeed vary by broker and country.

It may take us a little while to gather the most important of this info, and figure out a useful way to organize it, but in the meantime, I’ll have someone at our help desk try to reach out to you by email and see if we can point you in the right direction based on where you are located, and where you currently have a broker, etc.

Thanks for the good feedback. I agree with much of it.