Interesting new system

I do not normally recommend a system. But one looks promising. "Timing QQQQ" - which had been posting trades on a a forum for almost a year, and although only several trades here, seems to be promising now that it is being tracked live.

(hope this is not the kiss of death lol)

I noticed this signal myself. Where can I find the signals that were posted on another forum?


Rick Haines

his system page has his website. his website has his track record and there is a pointer to the forum thread where he posted.

I don’t want to give out too much here, in case it looks like I am promoting him. I am just saying that his forum thread was interesting, but his brief C2 stint make him seem quite interesting.

But, we will see. I am suggesting people bookmark him, not just jump in and trade.

I followed the system for a short period on the mentioned forum and was expecting (or maybe hoping) as others on that forum suggested that he eventually would end up at C2. The maximum drawdown of 20% over the back tested period of 9 years for a system with such returns does not look bad. I wish though that he had provided more statisics from his back tested results.

Indeed, and I strongly suspect some other people have been copying his free signals from the said website and started to charge for them here on C2.

No names mentioned, but a closer look might reveal a few things.There might be a few minutes delay in trade execution of the same instrument (or a strongly related one), but it is too close to be purely coincidental…

that is the danger for EVERY vendor. But having them as clients enables more control of that.

But it is only a danger a) if the signal borrower is profitable b) if the signal borrower has a long enough record to attract a following c) even though it has happened before, it was usually reported rapidly by someone d) even then, the market is so liquid, it really does not affect the original vendor that much.