SMA is now history. For those of you that may be interested please check out my new signal Extreme Trader. It uses the exact same IWM signal as SMA.

Thanks for all of the support.

Rick Haines


curious, why did you kill off SMA (i was not a sub), and what is the diff in trading philosophy of that and the new system?

SMA had 6 subs before I started crowing about it on the forums. The QQQQ signal has been underwater since Sept. The IWM signal wins 79% of the time and makes 70% yearly without margin. It seems most of the prospective subscribers look at the equity curve. Trading leveraged ETFs on a slight margin my new signal will earn around 200% yearly provided the signal does not fail. I needed to do something to make it worth my while. Hopefully this will work.

I am also curios Index. You were too a sub. You signed up for 1 day then quit. Why did you sign up and why did you quit in 1 day?

Rick Haines

Sometimes, if I have an interest in a system, I want to see all the trades, but the vendor may have a few to a lot of open positions that do not show up unless you are a sub.

Some vendors conceal problems by keeping them open, like a hold&hope trade that had a huge drawdown. Keeping them open prevents seeing them in the trade record.

I did not remember I had looked at your system, but apparently I did.

It is always hard to kill a system, especially one that had greater than 50% return over more than a year. But, since the system is "changing," (by eliminating some of the signals), it makes sense to start with a fresh system. I did something similar with a shorter time and less susccessful system.

Rick - If I can make a suggestion, I would recommend you strip all the signals out of SMA, and build your own equity curve of C2 history that is indicative of the new C2 system. Such a history is much, much better than a traditional backtest, or even a walkforward test, because it uses C2 data. You have a year and a half of C2 history you can share with people, and you should share it.

I hope your new system is even more successful than SMA.


Hi Rick,

Yes, I agree with Kevin, it must be tough to kill a system with your track record and start over from scratch.


1) If you are using the same signals, how will a slight margin make your gains go from 53% to over 200%?

2) I see your draw is currently over 28%. Do you have any expectations on the new system draw?

Kevin I do have that spread sheet and am willing to share with anybody that would write me a PM and ask for it.

CEO My new signal is only using the IWM signal of SMA. The QQQQ and MDY signal will not be used. If the signal holds true to it’s C2 past the maximum draw down on closed trades would be 39% and the return over 200%. If showing a annual return of 200% a 39% draw down won’t look too bad. There has been 3 times in the signals history it has had 2 lossing trades in a row and 2 times with 3 lossing trades in a row. However rare it stll had the unfortunate start of 2 losses in a row. 1 on them was a little bigger than average. I suspect within 60 days Extreme Trader will be looking very productive.

Rick Haines