Introduction to income strategy (HIPP)

Hello All

Do you have any interest in a principle preservation strategy with compelling ongoing income?

Would like share free subscription to my HIPP strategy on C2.

Would like to take this opportunity to introduce HIPP Income Strategy (Hedged Investment focused on Principle Preservation). You can try it at no cost until End of June 2023. The strategy involves Option trading.

The account value required is about $20K ($12.5K for buying a long strangle & about $7.5K buying power for selling short term strangles). and monthly income generated is about $500-$700. Hope these returns give you a compelling reason to evaluate my strategy.

Please connect with me at if you have questions.

Let’s assume your system makes $600 a month profit on average, as specified on your post.

Your starting capital is $20K, so the annual return of your option strategy is 42.6% (compounded), is that correct?

Yes you are correct

The 6 month return is about 21%, annualized is 42%

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This coupon allows a new subscriber access to ‘HIPP Income Strategy’ at reduced price.

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