"9900 options" nice to meet

my new system:

Dear Friends:
Today gains: $3,825
daily return: 1.73%

some stat about my system:

Strategy began 1/13/2016
Starting Unit Size $100,000
Strategy Age (days) 50
What it trades : Options

Trades 37

Profitable 33

% Profitable 89.20%
Avg trade duration 10.6 hours
Max peak-to-valley drawdown 23.35%
drawdown period Jan 15, 2016 - Jan 15, 2016
Cumul. Return 201.5%
Avg win $7,377
Avg loss $4,575

Chance of 10% account loss 31.00%
Chance of 20% account loss 4.00%

C2 Score 99.6

W:L ratio 13.30:1
Sharpe Ratio 5.825
Sortino Ratio 137.454
Calmar Ratio 150560

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First 3 trades were all or nothing for your strategy. What changed from those first 3 trades vs now? Is it the same strategy or was it just all or nothing to start a good track record?

I think each system developer should only focus on limited may be 2 systems for each Asset-Class at any given time especially if they are doing manual process and entering trade manually.

1 For Big Accounts - Low / High Risk - Low / High Rewards
1 For Small Accounts

and Name them More specifically like Risk Factors etc. to make it easier for subscribers.

Too many strategies might earn bit more money for system developer but it’s won’t serve anyone in long run, creates more confusions than simplification.

1 Robust system with high Subscription Fee is much better than 2 systems with discounted rate and substandard customer care.

Just my 2 cents


I am not sure how the same logic can be applied to risking your whole account 5200 spy calls on trade #2 vs trading a volume of around 400 calls today with an account value 200% greater then where it began. What do you use to determine the number of calls to buy? Or did you purposely risk your whole account on 3 trades to make a large gain and then market it is a successful strategy which is now 100% different in the means that it takes smaller positioins and there for the past performance should be of no value to subscribers?

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You made the strategy, took an all or nothing trade on trade #1 when the strategy wasnt paid for. Since your insanely risky (never to hopefully be done again, since real money is following it) trade paid off you then paid for the strategy and decided that it was worth marketing as being successful.

Notice the first trade was taken before the strategy was paid for. So question for you to answer, why is your strategy worthy of having money follow it now when results are not going to be anywhere near the past returns? Are you simply trying to ride on the coat tails of a few ‘lucky’ trades while extracting and ripping off your customers?

Im not the only one who knows how to look up this strategy information, I personally dont understand why people would subscriber to this nonsense without a lil bit of research. It didnt take me that long. Anyways - Rant over.


of course you see part of the whole picture - i buy ans sell many times so X options does not say that i had X buying and them selling at once - it could be many times buying and selling.

the original idea was to develop very risky system.
yes its for people who wish to risk X and get 9900X

if you make 10 times trades with 58.5% you take 10.000 to 1,000,000 and so on.
that is ok even 100% risk system as far everybody know the risks
some people can risk $100 in such system and other 10,000$ but…

after that many people start to subscribe and ask to save current DD=23% i know we can’t continue and play freely as at the start. and still 200% with 23% DD is very nice!

so yes it not my vision system i was planning bt s still amazing results

soon i will have new system TOS with amazing new idea - i risk basiclly gains only.
this system will be more relax and still we continue our CraZy and 9900 systems


It will not be 200% vs 23% dd, first 3 trades should be neglected since you decided to go less risky. Skipping these 3 trades it will be (roughly): 300k / 240k (after 3 trades) = +25% with dd ~3-4%. These are the numbers for future subscribers.

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Bot_Muncher, there’s more information about this strategy on the Strategy Activities page here. The original “9900 Options” strategy was started on 2-Dec-2015 and renamed to “Options 555” which was killed after it destroyed the account with a -224% Drawdown on 5-Jan-2016.

It’s one thing when the developer does not understand the risks involved, quite another when he does.



I dont understand what your posting logic is trying to explain.

Fact is that you are basing your strategy on something that is no longer relevant. The strategy risked $100,000 on the first 3 trades that were calls expiring worthless in a couple of hours. (Might as well go play roulette and put 100k on black).

If you were to do that with someone following this strategy currently you would have people with pitch forks hunting you down when you blew up their account.

It seems that you are well aware of this since you are currently trading less then 1/100 that size… You should be making that very clear to your subscribers and to those in this forum, since your past trading record is no longer relevant.

Instead you are here saying you run a risky strategy and risk blah to make 9900% … that is not the fact because you are no longer trading the same insane way, but you are happy to pitch it and ride on the coat tails of a few insane trades.

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I am always “happy” go get comments from people that don’t show any system but know just to comment.
i wish you show me your systems too - you should have some…

ok its bad system - all my systems are bad bad so bad that they on top leading table sord by gains and by of them are on top10 sharpe ratio system on C2 PLANET.

please don’t follow me if you can’t stand the heat.

You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You misrepresent your systems. You wont trade your own system’s and its only a matter of time before people realize youre misrepresenting them in comparison to the actual ‘good’ systems here. The systems that trade the same way from the start and are realistic.

But by that time you will have conned people out of enough subscription fee’s that you can setup your ‘TOS’ system that you keep babbling about. Which if it happens wont succeed compared to the systems that are traded off a real account and are realistic… Don’t bring up sharpe etc because your system is not possible or realistic for real money so those statistics mean nothing for a subscriber.

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you really hate my success !
so let think: maybe you are not jealous but you just better trader
so i look for some evidence and i found only this in your site.
sorry no evidence that you know to trade.
its funny that people so dislike my systems.
when i lower the risk its bad
when i have big or small trades its bad.

please show some results or we have to ignore you as many other clowns in the universe.

so i check

i so sad for you to find this…so when you don’t know to trade all you have is just fun to comment on other master jobs.
istead of you i wouldn’t comment anymore but focus on playing tennis or Tv games.
to trade you don’t know.

nice site you have

My systems are being tested, and not open for subscribers… hence why i am not here babbling to everyone saying how great they are.

Your systems are a fraud and you are here being the most obnoxious cheer leader in the C2 WORLD! Ripping off people who already have a strong distrust & dislike for system developers such as yourself. You are the reason for this and give system developers a bad name on this site.

Everyone should take note of the unprofessional scam artist that you are, as many have and have called you out on it.

The above quote is not consistent with what you say on your Strategy Description. You are in fact asking subscribers to not “miss the big and the un-expected moves (like january 2016)”.

@MatthewKlein the description of this strategy claims to start on a $10K account and achieve $80K while the stats show a system starting at $100K. Is this consistent with C2 policies or did something slip through here?


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I also had many failures before success.
now i have the some of the best systems on C2 planet - check all stat

we all can learn a lot from top traders before making funny comment
when your results show that you have no knowledge in trading! please be with more respect to top traders work

i can’t continue to speak with a clown so please move ahead…

Let me refresh that for you pal - Again with the misrepresentation of your systems. Just so everyone knows, these are the best systems on the C2 planet!!! Enjoy the ride.

yes i proud to be so bad in the past with my old systems (test only - no subscribers!)
becasue of this failure i could have been so good now!!

its like start up and i am improving~!~
hope the same for you - you don’t have even 1 green system - better play with cube or rollete will give better results - the chance to destroy all systems are really rare!! - you really did here something special.

if somebody with respect say that my system is fraud we can suit him.
but when a clown speak here we can’t prove any damage…

if you can go and play tennis or tv games i will give you free (but not VIP) ticket to my
1000% gains party of craZy options system

i promise to party again if i see any better result from you

“yes i proud to be so bad in the past with my old systems (test only - no subscribers!)
becasue of this failure i could have been so good now!!”

So good that 2 of your systems lost 100% less then 15 days ago.

Done with this topic. Keep on promoting! You deserve the C2 sticker of awesomeness for the month.

Thanks for answering my questions professionally. Ill be ready to sign up to your insanity systems when your draw downs exceed 100%.


internet is funny place - the worst trader try to teach the top trader how to handle…

after saying that my systems are fraud you want me to answer you professionally.

so please i had great joy here with you.

i can give you just 1 tip for life: never fight with the lion when you run like a

all the people that can’t operate 1 good system become other’s work critics

i give you one tip:
you should focus on your bad results - you have negative SHARPE RATIO - you don’t have any working method.
we need to watch your systems carfully to find what can bring you to winning trade (some systems with 25% win rate)