Invalid Price for @MWK4

Price is showing as zero for @MWK4 which is throwing off all sorts of valuations. Can you please correct?

Also just got a message this symbol is not able to be traded, when it definitely is. Something bad is going on with Minn Wheat…

Hi, David:

I’m going to bust that trade while, in the meantime, I determine if we are even still supporting the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. I’ll get back to you via email when I determine what the status of that exchange is.

Seems like the prices are fixed – now it’s just a missing formerly very profitable trade :frowning:

If it’s not supported can you also remove any losing trades in @MW from the history (just kidding).

Seriously though, it does seem to be still supported by Openecry. Unfortunately no chance IB will ever support it.



Matthew can you confirm if MW is still supported?

Yes, it seems that quote feeds are updating the symbol okay now. Symbol is definitely supported.

OK. Just a side note – I had the option checked to get emails when this thread was updated and I have not received any (from the first reply to the latest).