@SN8 price data showing incorrect on trade page


On the trade page, the price data is showing incorrect data of 1340, however the correct data is more around 1403 1/4 (14:14:59t)… Please look into this. Wanting to trail stop higher, however not sure if C2 is going to issue a stop out incorrectly or not.

correction the price data shows 1349 1/4 on trade page to edit the trade, however as stated, more correct data is in the 1402.50 range.

thanks for looking into this. don’t want C2 to inadvertantly close out winning trade prematurely.

C2 only displays delayed data on the system pages. Of course we use real-time data for trade processing.

That’s fine, and expected, we’ve commented before on the “delayed data” concept that C2 implements, but the July Soybeans (electronic) doesn’t appear to be at 1349.25 since 2/13 — which is 5 days ago as of today. Seems like a data hicup or excessive delay to me.

Since that’s where the orders are entered into and managed within C2, as a vendor using the C2 site to enter in my data, it would be nice to see data displayed that is no more than 15-20 minutes delay on the trade page or the last close price.

Maybe I’m the only one that uses the C2 trade page, and everyone else relies upon some other interface these days?

Comments or further suggestions appreciated.

Maybe I’m not doing something correct here, but On the Trending Futures: Current Positions 13:37:53 Eastern U.S.

@SN8 is showing 1352 2/4.

Other data sources, and real time brokerage data that I have over here is showing the July soybeans are over 1400 now all day, and hasn’t traded at 1354 for several days now.

Me thinks that this is an issue more than the “normal acceptable delay” whatever the “mysterious time delay period” that C2 uses for display on the “current positions” page.

Am I supposed to email someone about data issues outside of posting on a forum?

Not trying to be a pest, it’s just things like this are bothersome for a pseudo perfectionist when it comes to accurate trade data. :slight_smile:

Two things:

1. Could Mathew, or whomever take a look please to ensure that I am not insane?

2. Suggestion for the C2 powers that be: A “time stamp” on the data on that page would be helpful for old folks like me, so that no matter when the last update on data was, at least we would know when it was last updated, and not be guessing or wasting time / energy on if we should be concerned or not.

Thank you.

just a thought, but that second “price” column wouldn’t be the “average position break even price” would it? that would make sense if so, and maybe it’s not a data issue after all?

Yes, indeed. The column in question is the volume weighted average price (not sure what you mean by the "break even price") … but, yes… it shows the average price at which you have partially closed the position along with the market price of the current open position – i.e. it is a "marked-to-market" price.

Figured it must be something obvious like that was being overlooked. It’s always the obvious that is sometimes overlooked. Me think I need some rest. I hope I’m not cracking under the pressure trying to keep my system above 1000% annualized. :slight_smile: