Is Anyone Else Having Trouble with C2 Fills (Stocks)?

Since Friday I have had a lot of trouble trying to get orders (stocks) filled on C2. I have an IB screen in front of me, and when putting C2 orders, have laptop on, so I can clearly see bid-ask on the main IB screen as I try to decide limit order prices…

Long story short - I have seen prices move through my limit entry price, and yet C2 does not fill. Worse, eg., today I placed a limit order to buy a stock at $9.33 when the bid-ask on IB was 9.31-9.33, so I am literally buying at the ask. The order just sat there. No fill.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? It really does get frustrating when you can see the order should be filled, so you can move on, and it doesn’t.

could be related although my problem was different. nevertheless cause could be data outage…(I did not have an issue on friday and today)

do you have customers? If so, trades should be executed normally on their end, right?

fiveHedged - Please email the help desk with the specific signalids you think should have filled but do not.