Is there a way to see the # of subscribers for a given strategy?


I am new to C2. Is there a way to see the number of subscribers for a given strategy?


And why isn’t anybody showing any interest in this subject?!

When you are viewing a strategy under the Trading Record section, you should see a button titled “Show AutoTrade data”. Clicking this will allow you to view the individual live transactions made based upon that strategy.

While this does not actually tell you the total number of subscribers, it will give you insight into the number of people that are risking real dollars based upon the automated signals.

I hope this at least provides you some information.

To my knowledge, C2 does not publish subscriber numbers, to anyone other than the strategy leader.

There is another thread going on this - I only recently discovered that ‘subsribers’ included sim accounts which was really confusing! The ‘leading system’ and ‘grid most popular systems’ also adds to the confusion, as what may appear ‘popular’ on one is not so on the other. So a leading system may not necessarily be high on the popularity stakes. I am surprised that many ‘leading systems’ have so few auto traders…the only real measure on C2 in my view of popularity. Hopefully C2 can make this more transparent going forward with simple easy to understand metrics!

They don’t want to share the metrics. What is your goal? See how to get in the list? See how much $ leading strategy developer makes?

We can try to answer your questions.

Transparency:) As an investor it is useful to know how many others are subsribed to the same system…other than it just being ranked as ‘popular’ or ‘leading’ which may have their own uses regarding system longevity or short term popularity…but doesn’t give a clear picture of paid subscribers. Of course we can dig through the auto trader data, but as other social trade brokers provide actual subscriber numbers and profit earned by their traders, just wondering why you are less reluctant to? It may actually help attract more traders!

How does how many subscriber a strategy matter to a investor? Do you only invest your money based on how many other also invest there? In c2 defense they don’t want the popular strategy to get more subs because they are popular and all other good strategy gets no subs because they aren’t on the front page.

In regard what makes the leading page they said is based on c2 score and they told us how c2 score is calculated. They didn’t give us the exact formula but that’s preventing people gaming the system.


Yes partly - for example I wouldn’t invest in a fund with zero subsribers. To take one example I couldn’t work out why no ( or very few) auto traders appeared interested in high % win option funds, which were apprently trading in very high risk ‘naked’ options leaving the investor exposed to total loss or potentially more. Subscriptions follow success and therefore give a quick transparent view of what the real picture is.

U just said things that u choose strategy because of risk, not how many subs. So if there is a really good strategy has not many sub, that’s your deciding factor?

Subscriptions follow 1 hit wonders or strategy that been around for a long time.

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Hmm …I think you are getting confused…I actually said sub numbers is part of my descision process as well as system risk assessment of course. I believe I am not allowed to post links to external broker(s) which use sub numbers for $1M+ investor accounts - nor would I wish to - as I believe C2 gets a lot of things right, not least the live broker trade records. By the way this will be my last post on this thread, as I think you and I will never agree).

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@Peter, its true that having zero subs means that the strategy is not proven on a live brokerage account except if its a TOS system but I don’t think you really need to know the exact numbers of subs for a given strategy (although it would be nice to know for trade leaders) as an investor since having too large a following could actually hurt a system.

There will always be trade issues for having too many subs as eventually liquidity dries up. The way C2 works is that all the trades are triggered as market orders whereas institutions don’t do that as they enter hundreds of orders for their positions.

Just have a look at the autotrade data to get a rough idea of how many subs and what their sizing is.

Anyways this is only my advice having been around the trading world for awhile…the decision will always be up to the individual.

Good luck!


I am attaching an old list of systems that had the most subs that someone in the forum previously pulled up back in august 2018.

More than half of the systems on the list are now defunct or have not made much money since. I give credit to Crude Oil Trader Z and Hit Parade for being the most consistent strategies. Always do your research and risk assessment before jumping in.

Just goes to show you that having a large group of subs is not a very important indicator of a successful system.

Just thought I’d share some old findings.

Why are there no systems in this hail? In August 2018, I had more than 50 paid subscribers here С2. The total number was about 300. AUM was about 3 million USD. Then break-even trade within 3 months and half ran away.


I don’t really know @MAP. This was pulled up by another person who used C2’s tools to query. I believe it was NOT only based on the number of subs but based on how much they charged. So its actually based on how much monthly income the trade leader made from subscriptions.

In other words ‘sub value’ the no. of subs times the sub fee. And since your fees are lower than most of those I would guess it did not sort up to the top.

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It helps to know how many subscribers because of potential LIQUIDITY ISSUES. Do you understand?