Number of Subscribers!

A very vital piece of information appears to be missing in all of this…
The number of subscribers to each strategy. One would think that this is very basic and essential.

The puzzling thing is that it has been requested several times in the past since 2004 in a number of topics - including a direct quote in 2005 by Matthew Klein himself to “Look into it” - yet nothing happened.

I don’t know what more important indication of the “popularity” of a strategy than the number of its subscribers/followers.

And it’s not clear to me what the “Popularity” score in the Grid is based on either?!


IMO - The more subscribers on the “LATEST ACTIVITY” the more popular strategy :smiley:

Yeah it’s strange that the C2 ‘system of the week’ email has, and I quote, ‘1 million plus’ worth of subscription funds; when on checking they had 4-5 active auto traders - perhaps the other 20-30 were manual traders?:wink: I have yet to find any fund with more than 20 auto traders although I am sure they exist, but this still doesn’t answer your question. The grid and other search criterea get you no closer with many ’ popular’ high ranking systems having surprsingly few active auto trade subsrcibers. An example of complete transparency is a UK regulated broker which not only provides $ invested but number of investors AND the timeline; ie how investors funds have grown over time, or not as the case may be!

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I have 172 subscribers on my systems.

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You choose the system not by the number of subscribers, but by quality indicators. There are less than 600 systems in total, of which less than 3 months of whom are 300 systems, 100 systems are in big minus. From 200 systems you can choose those that suit you. I do not see this problem. And with the number of subscribers there will be a crowd effect, where many go there, leaving aside good systems where there are few subscribers.

This method has its pros and cons. As with the method where you can see the number of subscribers, there are more minuses than pluses.

agreed - following the crowd can miss a good system, and looking at your auto traders numbers this obviously has no connection to subsribers, which I find suprising…

i was also wondering the same… do you means simulators @MAP?

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That’s all for my 3 systems here (simulators and subscribers).

You have about 15 paying subscribers. Right?


No. 36 sub-feeders and 171 free. Total for 3 systems is now 207 people.

Aha. Some of Your Subscribers receive emails.

Sorry to drag this thread back up @MAP but I’m new here and trying to figure make head or tail of this. What do you mean by “36 sub-feeders and 171 free”. What’s a sub feeder? And why would you let someone subscribe to your strategy for free?!