Is this good business practice?

I decided on Feb 13th, that I would like to subscribe to a system without trial and monthly fee of $ 95 , if profitable. As this was mid month, I exchanged emails with system admin, if full months are charged. He replied: Ask C2! I didnt, but decided late last night to join straightaway. SO I subscribed, only to learn a few hours later, that I would have saved $25 plus 2 weeks fee, if I had waited 2 business days! I feel screwed.

Good business practice would mean higher fees with time delay but lower fees with immediate effect! Am I wrong ?


Ottmar Frank


Perhaps I don’t fully understand what you are saying, but…

When you subscribe to a system with a monthly subscription, the month is not a “calendar” month. A month is defined as a 30-day period that starts the day you subscribe.

Thus, if you subscribe on Feb 15, your subscription lasts until March 15.

Does this answer address your concern?

No, I enquired about pricing, signed and immediately found out, that I could have a free trial and lower price. Wouldnt it have been fair, to give me a warning. Between 14th and 21st there are only 2 full 4ex business days (excl. friday and monday).

ANd in general a lower pricing should become effective immediately after announcement.

Ottmar Frank

Ottmar: What trading system are you talking about?

I would prefer not to mention the name in public. Just check my subscriptions.




additionally: I am not complaining about the very system I subscribed to or the vendor personally: my (constructive) criticque is directed more towards C2 and its way it handles customers expectations and problems.


Ottmar Frank