Minor Nit : Subscription Trial Length

This is a real minor nit, and I suspect I already know why it is this way but I thought I’d point it out:

Today (Friday) I just signed up for a 5 day trial for a system that daytrades futures M-F only. As I suspected my free trial will end on Tuesday, so basically I lost 2 of the days of my free trial by not signing up on a Monday morning.

I realize not all systems are the same (e.g. some may trade on the weekends) so there probably isnt anything you can do about this but its too bad that the trial period doesnt automatically exclude non-trading days.

Anyway, no biggie, if I cared that much I would have just waited until Monday to sign-up.

I have received a few complaints about this. I’ll add to the To Do list the ability to exclude Saturdays from trials (many things trade on Sundays).

I’ll also chime in on this as I recently subscribed to a 7-day trial of a system on Tuesday morning 11/1. The system only makes one trade per day, and made no trades on Tues, Wed, or Thurs. A trade was made Friday, and Monday 11/7 is the last day of the trial. So if a trade is made on Monday that would allow a total of only two trades during the trial period as no trades are ever made on Sat or Sun for this system.

The primary reason I utilize the trial period is to see if I can duplicate the C2 performance results in my real money accounts with the limitations I have using ITM signals and manually entering the trades. Two trades is not enough to really determine this. The system owner did offer an extended trial period via email in this particular case, but knocking out at least Saturday in the trial period count would help for systems that only allow a 5-day or 7-day trial period, and don’t trade every day.