ITM Gong Sound


Any chance you can program ITM to sound the gong once a limit trade is filled? I’m trying out Tango, who as you know has 20 or so limit orders each day which far and away will exceed the margin requirements of my broker. Therefore, the only way I can be notified in real time when a limit is reached is using your ITM. But the gong currently only sounds when a new trade is issued, not when the trade is filled.

Please advise if there is something else I can do.


You can probably program your trading software to give you a sound of your choice when an order is filled. I did it with TWS in IB.


OK. That’s a good suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind during the next rev of the Instant Trade Messenger. (There is no option to do what you desire currently.)

May I?

Mark & Peter

Relaying on ITM sound is too risky. It involves human factor and the system has enough risk even without humans mistakes. I agree that sitting on bunch of orders that might be filled in 10-20 minutes of real the market move it’s not a fun and you can be on liquidation point at no moment if there is some delays in cancellation.

ITM sound isn’t a solution. Maybe you/others have to speak with TB guys and they can implement it on TB level. Or maybe you have to organize it somehow else. I don’t know.

It’s just too dangerous to relay on ITM sound. :frowning: