Is there a way to have one ITMs for several advisories, rather than one for each??

Currently there is no way to do that. But it may be possible to add. Why would it be useful?

This would be useful for screen space utilization. I have dual monitors, but still have enough stuff running that I minimize all of my ITM windows, which show up as just one task icon in the lower Windows task bar. If I hear the ITM dong I click on the task icon and a list of four ITM windows breaks out.

Since I don’t know which ITM window is calling for action, I have to successfully maximize them all to find the one needed. If all of the signals came into one window it would eliminate this process and make things a lot quiicker for someone actually trading from the ITM signals (I use them to confirm/check the autotrading softtware).

Also, having only one ITM window might be better for people with just one monitor since there is a lot of dead space in the windows making it hard to fit several of them on the screen without overlapping, and still have space for other applications. I’d choose one master ITM window rather than several if it were an option. My $0.02.

It would be useful for screen space, for conmputer resources, for simplicity.

For the same reason that I don’t use 5 different computers to do 5 things at once.

Signals are very occasional; I only want the ability to get the signals, not to have an ITM dedicated to each.

Agreed, I would consider it useful too, as long as it is an option.