Keep an eye on my strategy if you are an investor

Forex Street Wealth is my strategy name.
Your honest comment is welcome, but I know many people never have anything positive to say especially when it comes to appreciate something good or great that someone else has accomplished. Fortunately, trading is different from networking. With more people, you will surely make more money, but you can definitely make money without anybody. I know my strategy is too young, way too young to be evaluated. However, I am confident that time will tell and you will enjoy taking the ride early. I have been trading since 2012 and I have burnt myself enough to know what is wrong or not. How to behave myself in the market so I do not have to repeat the same previous mistakes. That will help me grow while I can help others to make money as well.Feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer them along the way.
My goal is to keep my draw down as low as possible: Maximum 10%.
I will never take excessive trades: No more than 5 trades open at once.
I will trade Forex only and will not mix it with stocks, indices or commodities as I see on many strategies. If there is a need, I will create a strategy just for those.
I will not take no more than 2 open trades in one asset. That will barely happen, but I will try not too.
I will keep my profit factor and my ROI high.
I will trade regularly since that is my life style. I may not have to trade daily if there are no good entries.
I am a scalper, but not a swing trader.
Most trades will be closed during the same day. Some trades will stay open over a day.
I will always, always, always use stop loss which is 50 pips max.
I will trade the same lot size or less: 10.
Most brokers require $ 500 margin for a 1 standard lot at a leverage of 1: 200.So you do not need a tone of money to follow my strategy. It design for very small pocket, regular guy investor who is need of making money.
I will do my best to keep my yearly ROI at 35 times better than a bank saving account return since they mostly provide 1%.
I could have say more. but your opinion may help me see what I do not see.
Here is the link to my strategy name: Forex Street Wealth

Here is his link as I had trouble finding it initially since the FOREX part of the name is not all uppercase:

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Good Luck.

Thanks a lot. I try to copy paste the link but I got a message that told me that link should not be posted. I deeply appreciate that you do it.